Friday, September 24, 2021
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NNPGS clear air on NNC (Parent Body) issue


Dimapur, July 28: The Working Committee of NNPGs today said that when the contours of political dialogue between Government of India and WC, NNPGs became more pronounced, there appears to be elements who are hell bent on tarnishing the image of NNPGs and discrediting the achievements of WC thus far.
The WC discarded the July 23 statement by anonymous fellow in the name of NNC (Parent Body) and said it reflects mischief and isolated mindset.
Stating that Z Royim Yimchunger is a proven nationalist, the WC said he is the president of NNC (Parent Body) and therefore as appealed by the WC, he exercised the power and authority derived from NNC yehzabo, and replaced V Nagi with Toshi Walling as Co-Convener in the Working Committee.
It said the leadership of Z Royim and NNC (parent body) is equally important and WC do not and cannot recognise imposters and outcasts.
“If Z Royim Yimchungru is a GB or a member in any social order, it means he is a people’s leader, recognised and accepted at a grassroot level as in the Naga national service,” it said.
It also said dubious characters accusing NNC (Parent Body) President Z Royim Yimchunger, owing to their selfish and destructive nature, will struggle to get into village council as members, let alone becoming GBs and these elements have thrown the last dice in the name of NNC (PB) and have failed themselves.
(Page News Service)