Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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NNPGs clarifies on NNC parent body issue


Dimapur, April 1: The Workng Committee, NNPGs, which also comprises of the NNC (Parent Body), has stated that Z Royim Yimchungru is the legitimate president of NNC (Parent Body) and WC will recognize only his group and those under him.
In a statement, WC NNPGs expressed dismay at the manner in which “few former NNC (parent body) members are appointing themselves as president of general secretary having been expelled from the organizations few days earlier.”
It stated that in early 2018, V Nagi, the then general secretary and co-convener in the WC, “owing to his irrational and destructive behaviour”, was recalled from representing the group in the talks and subsequently as per the Central Executive Council decision, he was replaced and NNC president endorsed Toshi Walling to represent the group as co-convener in the ongoing political dialogue between GoI and WC.
“It is a critical period in the political struggle of the Nagas. Appointing or elevating oneself as President or general secretary of NNC (parent body) would be an object of ridicule and would have no basis because legitimate leaders are representing the group in the negotiating table,” it stated.
The WC also cautioned those terminated NNC members against publishing irresponsible statements at a time when NNPGs and GoI are seriously engaged in negotiations to take the Indo-Naga political issue to a logical conclusion. (Page News Service)