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NNPG functionary’s ‘black shirt’ protest

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Nirendra Dev
DIMAPUR, APRIL 15: The April 13 meeting between NNPG delegation and two Central Government representatives AK Mishra and Mandeep Singh Tuli turned into an interesting event with lighter moments, anecdotes and symbolism.
Sources said one NNPG functionary came in black shirt and told the participants during a break, “You guys must be wondering why I am on a black shirt during this Dimapur summer and scorching heat.”
And before anyone responded, he said, “Well gentlemen this is my Naga way of democratic expression of protest for the grievances I have against the Government of India for delaying our Naga peace talks in this manner.”.
While there was a mixed reaction as some were found grinning and a few others opted to remain silent, one of the Central Government functionaries said, “But I am also in a black trousers”. At this, the NNPG functionary [black shirt man] retorted, “Thank you so much Sir for showing solidarity with me.”
At this, needless to add the entire gathering broke in peals of laughter.
Another NNPG leader told the Central Government representatives, “The Government of India should take note that the Chinese authorities have renamed even a few Naga dominated areas of Arunachal Pradesh.”
During the meeting, the NNPG leaders said the “growing trust deficit” should be a matter of concern.
However, the Central Government representatives, supported by colleagues from Kohima, repeatedly appealed for patience, co-operation and co-ordination.
They made it clear more than once that the Modi Government and both PM Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah “are very very serious and working hard” to fulfill Naga aspirations.
The Government of India has made it clear that it is strictly against any “post Solution violence” therefore it has been treading the path cautiously. “We are committed and we want all stakeholders to be on board”, a source said.
The big take-away from the meetings has been that the NNPG leaders were losing patience and they sought to “mount pressure” on the two representatives.
At least 4 of the NNPG leaders N Kitovi Zhimomi, Wangtin, Isak Sumi and Zopra Vero reportedly Mishra and Tuli that if these meetings are be held in routine manner periodically and there is “no progress” ~ it could be better for Nagas of Nagaland not to hold such meetings at all.