Saturday, May 8, 2021
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NNC Vice President’s Message on the 67th Naga Martyrs’ Day

Dear Naga People,
Today is our Naga National Martyrs’ Day, therefore, I on behalf of the Naga National Council (Parent Body) salute all the Naga Martyrs’ who have sacrificed their lives for the cause of Naga sovereignty. I prayerfully bow down to God to bless this Day as we observe the solemn Day of our martyrs’. May this Day resound the call of freedom and sovereignty to each and every person in the Naga Homeland and also remind us to stand firmly on the inalienable rights of the Naga people for sovereignty.
As we observe and remember this Day, I’am thankful to God and also to the NNC officials and members from different Regions who have entrusted and elected me to the post of Vice Presidentship of the NNC (Parent Body) in our recent NNC meeting. I accept this responsibility which is bestowed upon with a humble heart, and also to carry out my duty with a firm stand towards the furtherance of Naga National Freedom of sovereignty. Therefore, it is my humble appeal to all concerned to help and support this great cause of liberation of the Naga people.
Let us also solemnly bow down in earnest prayer to our living God to save and liberate the Naga people and its Homeland from the forceful occupation of the Governments of India and Myanmar who are the main aggressors for the last seven decades.
I must also caution all the National Workers to stand firm for the cause of Naga Sovereignty which is our solemn National duty lest we are condemned and cursed by the people and God as thousand and thousands of Naga patriots martyred their lives for the cause of Naga sovereignty.
The NNC (Parent Body) must also mention once again on this solemn Day of observance that some Naga people have committed political blunders in the past and as a result the entire Naga people have suffered devastation. Sadly, today some factions have compromised the Naga political rights again just for their personal gains in connivance with Indian leader in the talk while completely neglecting all the sacrifices made by the Naga Martyrs and particularly our women who were raped and tortured, the unaccountable properties that were destroyed and above all the most precious legitimate Naga freedom of sovereignty.
The Naga National Workers in particular must know that Naga political struggle for freedom was and is spiritual in nature, as our living God has a spiritual purpose for the Naga people for His Kingdom and Glory. May His Kingdom and Glory prevail in this part of the world.
It is very unfortunate for the Naga people because of the vested leaders who have compromised Naga National Rights in the negotiation with the Indian Government. When some of the Indian Political Party leaders are now openly speaking out on Naga identitiy and political issues.
Therefore, today I must say that Naga people should not stand nor pray to our living God for those who betrayed Naga freedom of sovereignty as the entire people suffered in the past and is still suffering immensely for a very long time for such leaders.
But our freedom is precious and our future of survival is very important. And I praise God for the faithful leaders who stood firm for Naga freedom of sovereignty and hope that many more will come up for our great cause of freedom. KUKNALIM.
Yilow Humtsoe, Vice President,
Naga National Council (Parent Body)

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