Monday, May 10, 2021
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NNC President’s Message on the 67th Naga Martyrs’ Day

Dear Fellow Nagas,
I greet you all in the Matchless Name of God, on behalf of the Naga National Council, on this auspicious occasion in the most sacred memory of all the noble Martyrs who had laid down their precious lives for the Naga Nation.
In times past, it was on October 18, 1952 when Late Zasibito Nagi became the first selfless icon to have been felled while upholding the eternal Naga rights most staunch. Since then the day has come to be commemorated as the Naga National Martyrs’ Day. And today happens to be the 67th Day.
The Government of India most deliberately refused to acknowledge our eternal rights, listen to reason and follow peaceful means of resolving differences; but resorted to the barbaric measures of intimidation with the sole intent of forcefully subduing us into mere slaves and serfs, by deploying physical might most cruel and inhumane. Just in case, God forbid, had the Nagas succumbed and surrendered at that instant, what would have the fate of the Nagas been like today! Kindly pause for awhile and accord a very good moment of contemplation – please, for once!
It had been only by the grace of God the Omnipotent, that some gallant Nagas rose up to the occasion, took up the gauntlet the aggressor India threw at us and most relentlessly fought for the eternal Naga rights that our destiny has taken the lofty virtuous stance as it is of today. Therefore due glory and honour should most surely be ascribed to the heroes of our Struggle, even the Martyrs of Naga Land.
However also, the occasion calls for close scrutiny of the Naga Story yet again:
Once, the united Naga People under the banner of Naga National Council (NNC) and Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) had been most resolutely standing firm on the truth that Nagas are not Indians and would not become Indians. The Naga Nation is most unique in her freedom and would continue to maintain her Independent and Sovereign status most true; and in this noblest of pursuits she had been most bitterly engaged in the holy war of repelling the invading Forces of India most grim and gory. At such a time and season, India most unscrupulously raised a group of very short-sighted Nagas who didn’t know head or tail nor care about true Naga Nationalism, in the form of “Naga People’s Convention”, formed in an Indian Army Camp; nurtured and primed them as her ‘child’ and had signed the so-called 16-point agreement with them and ushered in the state of Nagaland within the Constitution of Indian.
Ka! Is that truly correct ethically, legally and also morally?
The Government of India evaded her true opponent, the actual adversary, the entities of NNC and FGN who had been at war with her for a Cause and surreptitiously reached an agreement with her own scion and progeny most foul. Is there any justification for such an unrighteous manoeuvre in the annals of Natural Justice? What and who were the Naga People’s Convention? They were and are just a mere tool, the proverbial “Puppets on the String” – miserable QUISLINGS!
The think-tank of India has been harbouring the sweet notion that she had most cleverly dug out a deep pit(fall) for the Freedom Fighters of Nagaland! But be most rest assured, they themselves would be falling head-first into their own pit sooner than later. The fabled 16-point agreement is merely a one-sided document. It has no legal binding whatsoever on NNC and FGN.
The perpetration of the 16-point agreement by the signatories is but one of the worst acts of treason against the Naga Nation. But the poor mortals didn’t even seem to know that themselves, how pathetic. There had been no one to correct them; in all probability out of morbid fear and/or lack of moral courage. So, most of them had carried their wrongs, their sin, most unawares right into their graves.
Nagaland State in actual fact is but a fall-out of the Naga Freedom Fighters’ tremendous labour. But the people at the helms of power in Nagaland State don’t even seem to be aware and pay scant notice as well. Had they, past and present, been men of sound and virtuous wisdom, due acknowledgement must surely have been being paid to the Freedom Fighters in general and the Naga National Martyrs in particular. But since they choose to be mere mercenaries and hirelings; they had so far been enjoying Government of India’s largesse – State share, for more than five decades at the unforgivable costly expense of the Naga Freedom Fighters’ labour both in honour and in kind.
Nagaland State had been the dear price of the Naga Freedom Fighters’ sticky blood, their torrents of tears and gallons of smelly sweat most bitter. Don’t it ever bother you even a little bit, that you are lolling in all the blood-bought luxuries and facilities without even the minimal acknowledgement, much less payment for them? If, one day God in His righteousness would demand payment for the Martyrs’ Blood from you and/or your children, where would you stand? Let us all ponder anew and in the right perspectives too.
Hear and pay heed to this profound piece of wisdom: the new breed of National Workers who would pursue other avenues not laid down by our elders, not the real or the actual, not the one born out of our true aspiration; but the fanciful newly formulated paths are all Pseudo National workers bartering away our eternal National rights. They would never ever be honoured by fellowmen nor would they be blessed by God Almighty. All such self-projected ‘leaders’ would be found working for their own indescribable loss and despicable great shame. Naga Nation would not, most mercifully suffer any setback just because of the misdeeds of this handful of cheap mischief-mongers. Truth shall surely triumph most wondrously fine.
Therefore, let us ascribe the rightful honour to the deserving in plentiful measures!
Thinoselie M. Keyho, President, Naga National Council

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