Wednesday, May 19, 2021

NNC parent body denounces Z Royim leadership

Dimapur, August 1: The NNC Parent Body has totally denounced Z. Royim leadership once for all as condemned by all the concerned regions authority, CEC members, Naga Women Federations, NNC officials.
A press release issued by Y C Lotha, Information & Publicity Wing, NNC Parent Body alleged that Z Royim is a “betrayer, conspirator and a failed leader” , who could not stand on his official speech of 16th May 2018 of Naga National Plebiscite Day.
The NNC Parent Body also condemned the fake article published on July 30 in the name of NNC Parent Body without any name and identity and another misleading article on August 1 made in the name of NNC Parent Body, which is completely false and “the media cell” mentioned in the article doesn’t exist at all in reality.
These are the proof of deception and delusion that this false leader propagates to confuse and manipulate the Naga people, the release stated.
The NNC Parent Body extended its unequivocal support to the General Secretary and Co-Convener V. Nagi for his uncompromising stand on the inalienable historical and political rights of the Nagas.
(Page News Service)