Saturday, March 6, 2021

NNC/FGN resolves on Konyak region issue

Dimapur, June 22: The Council of Kilonsers, NNC/FGN annulled all administrative orders of the NNC/FGN pertaining to Konyak Region. This was decided in a meeting held on June 21 to discuss the problems that continue to plague the Konyak Region.
The meeting resolved that the Konyak Region will function under the direct control of the Kedahge/Kedallo, NNC/FGN and prohibited collection of any tax, financial transfers and suspended all activities in the region till the regional Leacy
Hoho is properly constituted and becomes fully functional.
A three member team comprising of TV Litsaba, Kilonser as convener, Tingloi Konyak, Kilonser as member and Ghuvishe Zhimomi, cabinet secretary as member secretary were entrusted with the responsibility of conducting the election of the Leacies within a period of 1 month (on or before 31st July, 2019).
The meeting also prohibited election/appointment of drunkards, addicts, anti-socials and individuals of doubtful characters to any post of the Federal Government of Nagaland and the Naga Army. For any appointment of the above mentioned, strict action will be taken against the official/s responsible for recommendation and the appointee, it resolved.
It also decided that the Konyak Regional Leacy Hoho will be constituted under the direct supervision of the Kedallo, Killo Kilonser, Lota Kilonser, Law &
Justice Kilonser and the cabinet secretary.
(Page News Service)