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NNC/FGN celebrates 74th Nagaland Independence Day

Addino Phizo

Kohima, August 14: The Naga National Council/Federal Government of Nagaland (NNC/FGN) today celebrated the 74th Nagaland Independence Day at Transit Peace Camp Kohima.
Addressing the gathering, NNC president Adinno Phizo said it is unthinkable that India should suppress us for this long, for the very fact that India herself was under the British rule for several centuries and experienced what foreign domination means.
Therefore, she said, “if India is wise enough she should understand the position of the Nagas by setting a good example to the world, but on the contrary, with territorial ambition Indian invaded Nagaland”.
Nagas must keep in mind that irrational people are in our land and living among the Nagas today, pretending as if nothing happened, she said.
“India tried its best to uproot the Nagas from their villages by burning their villages and compel them to become refugees, but the patriotic Nagas returned and reestablished their respective villages,” she said.
In course of time, Adinno said Nagas are experiencing a comfortable life economically at the present moment. This came about mainly because of the astute Nagas living in the villages, she said.
Expressing that today there are many educated Nagas, she said “it is expected that with their education and learning they will promote the Naga cause”.
However, Adinno lamented that on the contrary, it is observed that many educated Nagas failed to understand the national right and sufferings of the past but indulge and can towards their own selfish end.
“In doing so has weakened the Nagas for the last 40 years. However, NNC and FGN could withstand the storm by staunchly upholding the Naga National rights,” she said.
“We could overcome this far is all due to the love of God on the Nagas. No Naga should forget the mercy and protection of the Almighty God upon the Nagas,” Adhinno added.
Also speaking on the occasion, FGN Kedahge (president) Gen. (retd.) Viyalie Metha said “God’s plan for the Nagas to be one among the nations is undisputable and our existing today still together as a people and as a nation, is a perfect testament of God’s unfailing love”.
Nagas have had a long and arduous journey, he said, adding that “for 900 long years, villages along our Southern border fought against the Manipuri Kingdom and Western Frontiers were engaged in sporadic conflicts with the Ahoms for 600 years”.
The British came in the 19th century and occupied a portion of our land administered their laws for 115 years (1832-1947) till we declared a Sovereign Nation on 14, August 1947, he said, adding that this prompted the era of force dominion by India which continues till today.
Expressing that the Naga journey has been one of “untold sufferings and bloodshed”, he said “throughout this perilous period, God’s faithfulness and protection have been with us and today, together, we proudly celebrate the 74 years of Naga National Historic Declaration.
On the occasion, Metha paid homage to the past Naga torch-bearers who tirelessly laid the foundation of a “Free and just Nation”.
The FGN president asserted not to let their priceless sacrifice go in vain but continue to build and strife towards an “honest and God fearing Nation”.
He also highlighted most important events in Naga history – Memorandum to Simon Commission on 10th January 1929, Formation of Naga National Council (NNC) on 2nd February 1946, Naga Voluntary Plebiscite on 16th May 1951 and Establishment of the FGN on 22nd March 1956.
Chaired by NNC vice president B Pashem the programme commenced with FGN homaki kilonser Akho Meru reading the scripture and saying the prayer.
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