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NNC calls for peace & unity among Nagas

NNC Adinno

Kohima, February 2: On the occasion of 75th Anniversary, the Naga National Council (NNC) called for peace and unity among Naga people to pursue a common goal.
The NNC also paid rich tributes to past and present leaders, including AZ Phizo, T Sakhrie and Thiungaleng Muivah, and thanked them for their sacrifices made for the people of Nagaland.

On the occasion medals and certificates were also presented to the former leaders and current leaders who are holding the office of NNC and Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN).
It was on this day, NNC was formed at Wokha in 1946 as a political body for independent Nagaland country.
Amidst mammoth gathering President of FGN, V Metha said despite many ups and downs Naga people could overcome the test of time due to determination and perseverance. He urged people to remain steadfast till they achieve their goal as a nation. He also paid homage to former leaders who had shaped the NNC and Naga nation.
NNC President, Adinno Phizo in her address said dawn of great challenges and opportunities is fast approaching even though it would not be roses all the way. She said it would bring countless opportunities and hardships as well.
“It will depend on our people how to face the great challenges with the right response and fortitude,” she added.
Adinno said she has strong faith in the people that they will rise up to the occasion to face the sea of inevitable changes ahead of them. “Our future as a nation depends on how we respond to this. With God given ability and your industrious zeal, you will overcome all the hurdles in your way and you will be able to usher our people to a bright and fruitful future,” he said.
She also urged people to remember sacrifices made by their NNC leaders so that their sacrifices do not go in vain. She said in the last 75 years people faced different challenges by experiencing pan, untold suffering and sadness in the hand of enemy.
“Today there are groups thriving on lies and deceit, depriving our Naga society of our culture of independence. Let us not allow ourselves to be discouraged by the dissension in our national affairs under India’s occupation of our country. Let us keep our old culture of honesty by earning our bread with the pure sweat of our brows. This will earn us the respect of others and also God’s favour which can become the basis of our future,” the NNC President said.
Adinno called upon young generation to never forget the sacrifices made by their forbears, and know their history and embrace their heritage.
“I want to dedicate a very special moment to pay tribute to our patriots who sacrificed everything they had in defense of our country” he said.
The NNC President said Indo-Naga problem started when Government of India sent army to Tuensang area in 1954 by ignoring the historical facts of Nagaland not being part of India. “Justice demands a peaceful and an honourable withdrawal of India’s occupation from our country Nagaland. This will usher in a new era of international relations in South East Asia as Nagaland is the nation between China and India, the two biggest nations in Asia and in the world,” she added.

On the occasion, Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC), General Secretary, Rev. Dr. Zelhou Keyho greeted the leaders of NNC. Vice President of Naga Women Federation of NNC, Tiyongmenla also greeted the gathering.
Santuary Choir, Union Baptist Church, Kohima and Chakhesang Baptist Church Ministers’ Hill presented special songs, and 75 by 75 was presented by Angami Region.
NNC President Adinno also released a 75th Anniversary celebration souvenir. (Page News Service)