Saturday, January 23, 2021
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NNagaDAO urges GoN for political leadership on HIV & AIDs

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DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 30: On the eve of World AIDS Day, the Network of Nagaland NGOs on Drugs and AIDS (NNagaDAO) has urged the state Government for political leadership towards HIV and AIDs and other health concerns in Nagaland.
It urged the state Government to immediately formulate the modalities of the Ombudsman and appoint the officer as per the rules of the HIV/AIDS Act 2017. The NNagaDAO said this has been long overdue and prolonged delay would result in serious setback.
Since the Legislators Forum for AIDS (LFA) has been disbanded, the NNagaDAO urged the Government of Nagaland to formulate a new modality to continue engaging the members of Nagaland Legislative Assembly in the health sector, as political involvement and political action is crucial for any matters that require an aggressive yet collective response.
It informed that the NNagaDAO has accordingly submitted a representation to the Speaker requesting the state Government for political leadership towards HIV & AIDS and other Health Concerns in Nagaland on November 29.The representation was a endorsed by 48 (forty Eight) NGOs and CBOs working in the field of drugs and HIV and AIDS, from across 11 districts of Nagaland.
In a statement, NNagaDAO general secretary, Ketho Angami said one emerging health crises in the form of SARS COV-2 should not put 5-decade old health crises in the cupboard.
He said, “When our state is ranking the second highest adult HIV prevalence rate in India at 1.45%, greater than the national prevalence rate at 0.22%, when the adult HIV prevalence rate in our state is 7 times the national average, when HIV incidence is 16 times that of the national average, when 91% of the HIV cases in the state are through the sexual route of transmission, it is time to re strategize and shift our focus to working where the need is, before this epidemic becomes another pandemic.
It also suggested to engage the CSOs, Churches, Government Machineries, and also the PLHIV and other vulnerable communities, as the core guiding principle and in true sense of the Spirit of partnership.
On the eve of World AIDS Day, the NNagaDAO also marked the day to raise awareness, advocate, honour the memory of the people who have lost their lives due to AIDS and give thanks for the progress made and urge all to recommit themselves to ensure that no one is left behind.
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