Thursday, November 30, 2023
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NMYO to celebrate Golden Jubilee

The New Market Youth Organization (NMYO), one of the oldest youth bodies in Kohima Town, formed in the early part of 1973 with the primary aim to coordinate the various activities of the youth and also to maintain unity, improve social, cultural, educational, games and sports and to further usher in development and sanitation. Over the years, the youth body had played a pivotal role not only in fulfilling its aims and objectives but has accomplished in many spheres of activities ensuring peace and security of the colony and creating a congenial environment with a rural character and urban outlook.
Living to the expectation of its motto ” suaviter in modo, fortiter in re, uno animo” a Latin derivative of gentle in manner, faithful in deed with one mind, transforming the outlook of the colony in terms of its face and intrinsic value, NMYO had its immense partnership contribution with various stake holders. Organizing social works, sanitation and cleanliness drive to motivating the youths to make significant progress in the field of games and sports particularly in Football is commendable. The New Market Football team participating in the Sir Pawsey Trophy in 1977 was never a turning back and the team subsequently carved a niche as one of the most formidable teams in the state by clinching
Kohima Senior Soccer League (1994), Youth Soccer Championship(1995 & 1998), Peace Cup (1998), 1st Dimapur Invitation Cup, and other feats in NSF Martyrs Memorial Trophy, Royal Gold Cup to mention but a few.
Under the aegis of NMYO, annual cultural events like Song, Drama, and Debate competition are held. Notably, in musical field, ZODIAC, the Pop Group from the colony won the best band in the Nagaland beat contest (1988) and the same band also won the 3rd position in the North East Beat Contest Held at Shillong in 1990.
NMYO is also proud that many of its members have been toppers in the HSLC examinations and had also achieved distinctions in many field of studies as First among the Nagas.
Year 2023 completes the long but challenging journey of NMYO into 50 years of its glorious existence and is set to commemorate the Golden Jubilee with much pomp and gaiety over a series of events planned. In this regard, NMYO take the privilege to inform and invites all its members who have settled elsewhere and those who have been part of the organization in various events and all those who have represented in the reputed New Market Football Team to be part of the great celebration scheduled to be held on 10th December. Your kind participation would add more flair and flavour to the Jubilee fete and rekindle the old memories of those were the days and keep the flame of brotherhood burning.
Issued by
Publicity Committee, NMYO.