NMHP prohibits throwing of garbage in nullahs


Dimapur, June 19: New Ministers Hill Panchayat Ward-16 has resolved that no sewage / garbage would be allowed to be thrown in nullahs/rivers and corners and the defaulters would be dealt with as per Panchayat resolution with immediate effect.
The Panchayat also resolved to strictly prohibit loitering and indulging in any antisocial activities, either by all colony members or visitors to the colony at View Point near Little Flower Higher Secondary School and other areas within the colony. If found violating the resolution, the Panchayat would impose a fine of Rs.5000 in the first instance and if repeated, the names and vehicle number (if any) would be published in the local dailies for further necessary action by the Panchayat.
It also resolved that as per earlier notice domestic dogs should be chained/fenced at homes. If found loitering would be caught and the Panchayat would take its own course of action and the owner would have no claims whatsoever.
In continuation of earlier notification the Panchayat also resolved that to control vehicular movement during school hour “No Entry” signboard will kept for vehicles coming from Old Ministers Hill towards LFHSS from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. in the morning and 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the afternoon. All vehicles and buses have been directed to ply through South Police Station or P.Shilu Ao road way to Mental Hospital road as ” IN” and via Panchayat Hall towards Old Ministers Hill/Mohonkola as “OUT” during the given hour.
Further NMHP has requested all the general public, parents and students of LFHSS to strictly adhere to the resolution of the colony Panchayat. The NMHP and colony Youth would maintain strict vigilance so no complaints will be entertained for any action taken to the defaulters.
(Page News Service)