Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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NMA urges Govt to take full responsibility to bring back stranded Naga children

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Dimapur, May 25: While expressing gratitude to the Nagaland Governor for his initiative in bringing and setting up of the COVID-19 Test Lab in the state and the continuing contribution of the Frontline workers,the health professionals, police, district administration, the Chief Secretary and his team of senior government officers, who have been working ceaselessly, throughout this impending crises in the state, Naga Mothers’ Association (NMA) has urged the Governor to see that the state Government take full responsibility for bring back stranded Naga children who are willing to return home and anxiously await arrangements to be brought back.
In a representation to the Governor, the NMA also condemned the shocking threats, violence and harassment on the children abroad the Shramik train yesterday, while crossing the length and breadth of Bihar, not only by unruly mob but by uniformed policemen, which is a disgrace. The NMA said another Shramik train faced the same unruly incident of threats in Bihar today.
It demanded the State Government to coordinate and get well maintained trains, with adequate food and water, and good security, be scheduled for bringing the rest of our children who are still to undertake these long arduous journeys.
It also urged the Governor to see that the health facilities in all districts, be it District Hospitals ,CHCs, Sub Centres, PHCs are well equipped, to combat the pandemic and protect the life and health of all citizens. It sought accountability from the State Government on this crucial issue, for the very fact that the NMA is left with disturbing stories of inadequate and inferior quality of PPEs during this crisis of preparedness for COVID 19.
While acknowledging with gratitude, the spontaneous response and generosity from various Churches and Organisations in sponsoring quarantine centres and food, the NMA urged that the State Government does not ignore its bounden responsibility of providing clean, hygienic Centres and adequate nutritious food to those being kept in all these Institutional Quarantine Centres for the said period.
The NMA said the challenge for the state has begun with the latest positive test reports and sought Governor’s your intervention that mandatory testing must be done on all returnees for their own safety and within their communities and that the thermal screening and police check point, being conducted in plastic shacks be well constructed at Khuzama, with the onslaught of the coming rains, that, the thermal screening and ambulances be kept ready with medical team, at this state border for incoming travellers in case of emergencies. (Full Text of the Representation) (Page News Service)