Monday, September 27, 2021
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NMA opposes Governor’s order to CS

R N Ravi

Says Ravi must maintain mutual respect as an ‘honoured guest in our land’

DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 17: The Naga Mothers’ Association (NMA) has joined the chorus of opposition against Governor RN Ravi’s recent directive to the Chief Secretary to take action against State Government employees who indulge in ‘seditious’ acts.

In a memorandum to the governor, the NMA stated that notwithstanding the State Service Conduct Rules, the fundamental right of every citizen, be it State Govt. employee or otherwise, cannot be stifled or threatened in any democracy.
The freedom of expression guaranteed under the Constitution is also applicable to State Govt. servants, to air their views to higher authorities or in the public domain, it stated.
According to the NMA, “the targeting of Dr. Inato Jimomi, a dedicated veterinary doctor by profession and a noted social worker”, was of serious concern.
“He comes from a childhood, whose father was killed by Indian armed forces while serving in the Naga army, near Thewati in Pochury area under Meluri sub-division. He has worked tirelessly for Naga widows and orphans of the Naga struggle and often aired his personal views on the Naga struggle and the long drawn out search for peace, which cannot be termed as sedition,” read the memorandum.
All Nagas are answerable, in case of any controversial issue, to their clan, khel, village and tribe, it stated. “Our customs and tradition hold sway on codes of ethics and honour and loyalty to our land and our people.”
The NMA urged the governor, who is also “carrying the huge responsibility of peace interlocutor”, to display maturity, unbiased commitment to peace and a better understanding of the Naga society.
“We have an elected State Government, who we believe will stand for propriety and impartiality, without vested witch-hunting, in the midst of fervent movements of most Nagas to bring peace into our land. May we remind the governor, that you are an honoured guest in our land and therefore mutual respect must be maintained,” it went on to state.
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