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NMA condemns “high-handed repressive action of State Govt. top authority”


DIMAPUR, APRIL 6: The Naga Mothers’ Association (NMA) has condemned what it claimed was high handed repressive action of the top authority of the State Government on April 6 at Hotel De Oriental Grand in Kohima.
In a press release, the NMA stated that its members had arrived at the hotel at the invitation of the office of the German Consul General that had sought a meeting with the NMA weeks back on March 21.
“Dozens of plain clothes policemen and police women awaited the six-member delegation, refusing entry beyond the lobby and informing that they have been ordered to stop them meeting the German Consul General Manfred Auster, who had earlier met the NMA at Hotel Vivor last Hornbill Festival.
“They refused to let the women enter the restaurant even for a cup of tea while waiting. Then the Additional Superintendent of Police rushed into the hotel and conveyed that if the NMA wanted to meet the German Consul General they would have to go and meet the Home Department or the top police officials. We refused as we had been invited for the meeting and had not sought any appointment. Finally the German Consul General Manfred Auster himself came to the lobby, apologising for the Government obstruction to the meeting. We were able to share our various concerns on the situation in the State, standing in the hotel lobby, surrounded by police and G20 staff”, read the press release.
The NMA expressed resentment at the disrespect shown to the women delegation which consisted of former members of the State Women Commission.
The NMA was supposed to discuss further on a project for women, which had been shared with the Consul General last December, it stated. “If this is the way the State Government treats foreign country top leaders and stops discussions for investments and grants, what is the real purpose of the hosting the G20 and B20 Summits in the State?” it asked.
(Page News Service)