Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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NLSF Statement on Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016

We, the Nagas are all Indians by choice or coercion; pending the final settlement of the Indo-Naga issue. Most of us from the North-eastern States in mainland India have faced discrimination in some form or the other and are still facing, for no fault of ours but due to our physical appearance and attributes which the almighty God created and we inherited the Mongolian DNA.
Hindus of North-eastern States opposing the C.A.B 2016 which allows Hindus from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan begs the question of: “why on earth are they against their brethren in terms of religion with similar religious practices?” Hindu majority North-eastern States of Manipur and Assam are leading the charge in opposing the C.A.B. 2016; if we go back to history and reflect, doesn’t it rings the bell of Hitler’s Nazi party policy and implementation of the extermination of Jews and promoting the idea of racially pure Aryan race; Tactics and strategies have changed but the aims and objectives sounds and act similar.
If C.A.B. 2016 is just an issue of demographics and vote bank policies, then why are the Mizo’s of Mizorma State under Indian Union sloganeering “Hello China, Bye Bye India”, thereby rejecting democracy and welcoming Communism; If we truly introspect, doesn’t it bring up the issue of race, as even Christians are opposing Christians form the three mentioned countries in the C.A.B. 2016, despite the inclusion of Christians along with other minorities of those countries.
“It is because most of the North-eastern Indians are of Mongolian race and thereby the fear of politically and systematically being wiped out as a race through guileful policies and inter-marriages”, Only to be remembered in the future as a footnote in the annals of history that there once lived in majority, the Mongolian race in most of the North-eastern States of India.
The C.A.B. 2016 has many dimensions of nefarious hidden agenda, therefore the Nagaland Law Students’ Federation (NLSF) totally and wholeheartedly oppose the C.A.B. 2016 is passed by the Indian Parliament.
Nagaland Law Students’s Federation (NLSF)
H.Q. Kohima: Nagaland

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