Saturday, September 18, 2021
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NLSF demands action against all involved in scholarship scam


Dimapur, June 13: The Nagaland Law Students’ Federation (NLSF) has asked the Lokayukta to take stern legal action against officials/employees involved in misappropriating students’ scholarship.
Reacting to the assurance of the State Government that it had already taken up the scholarship misappropriation issue with the Lokayukta, the NLSF president C.Talimoa Chishi and general secretary Dieku Wetsah demanded that the Lokayukta should not confine its probe to recovering the misappropriated amount but the officials/employees found involved in the scholarship scam should be suspended and prosecuted. It stated that if Lokayukta fails to take stern legal actions against the corrupt officials/employees then the NLSF will not remain silent.
The NLSF also stated that it is already apprehensive of the Lokayukta in the State, as the appointment of Upa-Lokayukta is questionable as per the Act.
According to the federation, the Upa-Lokayukta had contested the recent/last Nagaland State general legislative assembly election. It reminded that the Lokayukta or Upa-Lokayukta shall not be a Member of Parliament or a member of the legislature of any State; and a person who has been removed or dismissed from the service of the Union or a State, and shall not hold any office of trust or profit (other than his office as the Chairperson or a Member) or be affiliated with any political party. (Page News Service)