Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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NJCF slams Govt for scheduling exams on Sunday


Dimapur, December 7: The Nagaland Joint Christian Forum has come out strongly against the notification issued by the office of the Chief Secretary regarding the examination dates for Social Welfare Department and Taxes Department on December 9 and December 16 respectively, which both falls on Sunday.
If the exams are fixed by the central government, the Nagaland Government can give good excuse on the ground that it is out of the state control. But knowing fully well that Sundays are worshipping days for Christians, the dates fixed are intentionally done to violate the religious rights of the candidates and defile the scanty of Sunday as working day,” said NJCF president Rev. Dr. Zelhou Keyho in a press release.
Stating that when the Government don’t act right in one area it will add another burden in trying the fix the matter right, the NJCF said the dates fixed for the exams are good examples of such act.
“The church has voiced out earlier to keep Sundays holy and sacred at all cost and for the Government to knowingly fix the two exams on Sundays is unacceptable and it has hurt the sentiment of the church,” it said.
Appealing to the Chief Secretary to reschedule the exam dates on any working days and not on Sunday, the NJCF said this should be taken as a good example and “we must from here on learn to respect the church and its sacred days.” (Page News Service)