NIWN & WinG concerned over crime against women during election


Dimapur, March 24: Naga Indigenous Women Network (NIWN) & Women in Governance (WinG) has expressed concern over rising crime related to election and unfortunate incidents of physical assault on women during elections in Nagaland.
In a joint meeting held today at Kohima, the NIWN & WinG observed that the state elections, during and after the polls, witnessed a grave situation wherein widespread election extremes-such as money and muscle flexing, booth capturing, vandalism etc were reported, besides physical assault on women.
NIWN and WinG appealed to the government to create a peaceful atmosphere. They also requested the concern authority( s) the village councils to repeal the ex-communication orders on humanitarian ground.
“We appeal the district administrations to intervene and take up safety and security measures for victims os election related violence. We request to take into consideration that such rehabilitation and welfare measures should not discriminate victims on the basis of tribe, clan or community,” they stated in a press release.
NIWN and WinG further reiterated that every adult have their freedom of choice to vote and that, to force a voter under duress is a violation of human rights.
Meanwhile, NIWN and WinG expressed appreciation to the 5 women candidates who have come out to face election. They also acknowledged the role of women and men – at community, village or district levels who have come out to intervene in preventing undesired situations.
(Page News Service)