Sunday, July 25, 2021
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Niki Sumi is a wolf among sheep: WC, NNPGs

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DIMAPUR, JULY 4: The Working Committee of Naga National Political Groups (WC, NNPGs) has criticised what it stated was the “unrestrained aggressive behaviour of Niki Sumi’s gang” in and around Dimapur town.

In a press release issued on Sunday, the Committee stated that reconciliation among Naga groups, the ceasefire, and 3 years of Naga-tribes endorsed political negotiations between GoI and WC, NNPGs are being threatened by “a group of men who surrendered to Indian Army in two batches: Niki Sumi and two unarmed men on 20th Dec. 2020, and Starson Lamkang and fifty two others on 25th Dec. 2020”.
“This was announced by none other than Gen. MM Naravane, the Indian Army Chief on 26th Dec. 2020. Till date the Indian Army Chief and his commanders in NE have stood by their word. Although the group has denied their sell-out but their activities speak volume of their desire to repay their new masters as per the undisclosed terms of surrender for which a safe passage from Myanmar to Nagaland was the first step. The Indian Army Chief triumphantly said the surrender was a successful episode of ‘military diplomacy’.
“What transpired before and after the Indian Army helicopter ride from Ponkhuri, Pochury Region to Guwahati, Assam, and later to Delhi Indian Army cantonment is slowly emerging. Niki Sumi and his band are being sheltered and funded almost like a regular Indian Army with cash and rations. Their added assignment include luring and recruiting habitual defectors, desperados, street criminals and traitors to instill hatred, indignation and frustration in the mind of the Naga tribes against WC. The Naga tribes are witnessing a u-turn on their initial claim of wanting peace and political solution, resorting to anti-people activities. WC will be forced to respond if its integrity and commitment to peace and solution is taken as a sign of weakness”, the press release read.
Niki Sumi, it stated, has time and again declared to Naga tribal leaders that he has no political agenda or demand but will support honourable and acceptable political solution. Why, then, is he “luring all restless pseudo workers and scoundrels with money and ranks?” it asked.
According to the Committee, the only plausible reason for “abnormal marketing and conferment of ranks and positions” is to destroy the sanctity and merit-based structure of Naga political movement both in the civil and military.

“He has gone too far with intent to discredit and marginalize the political process. Has the GOI set a wolf among sheep? Yes! But WC and Naga tribes will not remain mute spectators anymore”, it stated.
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