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NIDA demands creation of adequate posts of doctors, nurses

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Dimapur, June 3: The Nagaland In-Service Doctors’ Association (NIDA) has appealed to the Government of Nagaland to create necessary post of doctors and staff nurses in the 11 District Hospitals to increase the strength from the current level of 23% to 50% for specialist doctors and 28% to 75% for staff nurses against IPHS requirement.
In a representation to the Chief Minister of Nagaland on creation of adequate posts, NIDA president Dr Ritu Thurr and secretary Dr Ahu Sekhose said acute shortage of doctors and nurses is adversely affecting the delivery of healthcare services in the State, which is constantly attracting public criticisms.
“In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, with such shortage of manpower, the doctors and nurses may not be in a position to meet the expectations of the people,” it said.
Presently the 11 District Hospitals are running with 51 Specialists (at 23% of IPHS norms), 63 Non-Specialist doctors (at 52% of IPHS norms) and 200 staff nurses (at 28% of IPHS norms) sanctioned posts against the requirement of 207 Specialists, 119 Non-Specialists and 645 staff nurses respectively for the District Hospitals.
NIDA said proposals have been submitted to the Government for creation of adequate posts from time to time, but favourable response is still awaited. Since 2006 till date, only 29 posts of doctors have been created, it said.
The association reminded that the department has submitted proposal for creation of 53 posts of Specialist doctors and 143 posts of staff nurses for the 11 District Hospitals to increase the strength from the current level to 50% for specialist doctors and to 75% for staff nurses against IPHS requirement on December 13, 2018. However, it regretted that the response is still awaited.
Further, NIDA said out of the 425 total sanctioned posts of doctors, 27 in-service doctors are on study leave and 9 are on deputation. It said with no provision for replacements, these 36 posts in various health facilities are unmanned.
The NIDA demanded that the Government fill up the vacant posts against on study leave and deputation as per the provisions of the Nagaland Health Services Rules (Amendment) 2017.
The association also highlighted that there is no provision of quota or reservation for post doctoral (super-speciality) studies except through National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) which is a highly competitive exam in view of related seats, however, there are instances where successful candidates from the State in spite of getting selection had to forgo the opportunity owing to the absence of leave provisions.
It said the department’s proposal for relaxation of leave rules to enable in-service doctors to undergo the super specialist/ post doctoral training (as the entitlement of study leave under the extant leave rule is already exhausted while undergoing post graduate studies) has been rejected by the Government in the past.
The NIDA therefore demanded that the State Government relax the relevant sections of leave rules to pave way for aspiring in-service doctors to undergo post doctoral study.
NIDA reminded the Government of its responsibilities to take necessary remedial actions on its demands without further delay to avoid disruptions of essential health services and in the management of COVID-19 pandemic. (Page News Service)