Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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NHIDCL replies to CPO


Dimapur, November 7: The Chakhroma Public Organization (CPO) has informed that replies to their clarifications sought from the General Manager, NHIDCL with regards to existing road damages, repairing and maintenance of existing road between Dimapur and Kohima, has been received. The CPO also sought replies on matters like accidents caused due to negligence of road maintenance, safety measures and pollution control by the concerned authority.
The NHIDCL had stated that Package I (i.e from KM 123.840 to KM 138.775) was scheduled to be completed by 15/09/2019 but only 57.24% (Physical progress upto September 2019) is completed; Package II (i.e from KM 138.775 to 152.490) was scheduled to be completed by 02/08/2019 but only 70.70% of the total work is completed; Package III (Kohima District) (i.e from KM 152.490 to 166.700) was scheduled to be completed by 07/02/2020 but only 55.95% is completed.
It also mentioned that the contract works are awarded on EPC mode, therefore, the contractors are responsible for maintenance of existing road; accidents caused due to negligence, with factors like vehicle conditions, Vehicle load, driver’s riding factors etc; to ensure safety measures during constructions and to the users (Commuters) and to maintain road in traffic worthy conditions (Pollutions).
As proposed by the Contractors as per revised work programme, the expected time of completion is April 2020, the NHIDCL stated.
The CPO acknowledged the reply and thanked the General Manager for the information though it took one month to reply
However, the CPO said that the commuters and the public could not see any improvement in the deteriorating condition of the road and cited the example of the recent more than a week long blockade of the road.
The CPO said the authority or the contractors should not blame nature or give any excuses for the delay of the project which is causing untold hardship and miseries to the people, they should have all necessary machineries and man power to meet and solve any exigency.
The CPO requested that the concerned authority/contractors to go full throttle with the construction works and not to take the public for granted. (Page News Service)