Friday, April 16, 2021
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NH was never meant to be mouthpiece for one org: WC NNPGs

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Dimapur, August 6: The Working Committee (WC), Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) has expressed concern by the manner in which the good name of the Naga Hoho is being, allegedly, “misused by a handful of disillusioned men driven by personal ambitions.”
“The insidious, prejudiced and incoherent press statements emanating in the name of Naga Hoho in recent times reveal that the seal, letterhead and the very soul of Naga Hoho has been sold and surrendered completely. Nagas are free spirited people and NH’s ignorance of reality, bankruptcy of purpose and vision is shocking. This is why the Naga tribes abandoned it one after the other. Without ENPO, NTC, CNTC and NGBF, Naga Hoho has no centre of gravity and disbands itself. Its sorry existence and paid activities shrink by the day!” stated the media cell, WC, NNPGs in a statement.
The WC also stated that initially, NH was for all and never for few. “It was not meant to be a mouthpiece of one tribe, community or organization,” it said.
RN Ravi
The WC, NNPGs also opined that RN Ravi, GoI Interlocutor in the Indo-Naga political dialogue has exhibited serious concern and commitment with practical touch. It claimed that with Ravi at the helm, the Indo-Naga conflict has taken a pragmatic, proactive turn towards finding an acceptable and honourable political solution.
The WC maintained that to suggest a new interlocutor at this time is to rewind the Indo-Naga issue back to zero. “A return to same old situation employing the same old trick: burn Nagaland, ransack it, strangulate and heap more misery and suffering on the Naga public in the name of political issue,” it said. (Full Text)
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