NH officials hold consultative meeting


Dimapur, June 13: The “officials of the Naga Hoho along with the Advisor” held a consultative meeting on June 13 at Hotel Japfu Kohima and authorized the Speaker to summon the federal assembly to address the conflict between some constituent units and the president and vice president of the Naga Hoho.
In a release, NH speaker Kenyuseng Tep and general secretary Mutsikhoyo Yhobu stated that the Yezabo of the Naga Hoho has clearly enshrined that the federal assembly shall be the highest decision making body of the organization and should there be any conflict of interest or constitutional crisis the federal assembly shall formulate appropriate policies for its redressal. The federal assembly is also empowered to monitor the executive council towards the implementation of the federal assembly resolutions, the release said.
The release informed that the Naga Hoho executive consultative meeting held on October 31, 2017 with all officials and advisor present with exception to Chuba Ozukum, president and HK Zhimomi, vice president of the Naga Hoho. The consultative meet deliberated at length on the representation given by four tribes – Pochury Hoho, Rengma Hoho, Chakhesang Public Organization and Angami Public Organization on the functioning of the Naga Hoho and stricture thereof. Besides, the meeting also took cognizance of the letter by the Ao Senden and Sumi Hoho of its dissociation from the Naga Hoho and directing the president to resign from the post of president Naga Hoho, it said.
“In respect of the sentiments shared by the constituent units, the Executive unanimously resolved to urge Chuba Ozukum President and H.K Zhimomi Vice President Naga Hoho to demit their office in the interest of the Naga Hoho. In the event of their failure to demit their office the other Naga Hoho official shall resign enmass,” the release said.
Stating that the current tenure of the Naga Hoho office bearers is due for expiry by 10th October 2018, the release said prior to its expiry, it’s mandatory to finalize the hosting unit for the general session. “Besides, the constitution stipulates election of the Naga Hoho officials to be conducted before two months ahead before the expiry of the existing tenure. As such the Federal Assembly is the only body to constitute committees/commission to conduct the constitutional provisions and convening of the federal assembly has been necessitated for its approval,” it said.
“The executive council is responsible to all the units. Therefore if certain tribes are against any official, it’s necessary to be properly discuss in the FA for resolution of the pertaining issue.”
The release further informed that today’s meeting appealed and urged all concerned and Naga national organizations to provide support and strengthen the Naga Hoho. “A strong, vibrant Naga Hoho which is the medium of public ideas, a forum for exchange, dialogue and a source of creativity and solutions to diversity of challenges would best serve our people irrespective of the geographical division our people are currently placed. Hence we ardently appeal to all the Naga tribes to come under the banner of the Naga Hoho in the interest of the Nagas,” it added.
(Page News Service)