Saturday, September 18, 2021
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NH, NMA says NDPP clarification based on hearsay


‘State cannot wipe away contribution of NH, NMA on vague reasons’

Dimapur, August 17: The Naga Hoho (NH) and the Naga Mothers’ Association (NMA) has termed the clarification made by the National Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) on the objection raised by it on the Chief Minister’s statement in the JLF meeting as based on “hearsay.”
The NDPP in a clarification to the NH and NMA’s objection to the CM’s statement had also claimed that the two organizations statement condemning the Chief Minister was based on “hearsay.”
The NH and NMA said its objection was not only on the allegation of being unmandated, but also the Chief Minister claiming that the NPGs had lost confidence on these organizations “which is defamatory and false.”
“Hence the claim that the CM was expressing his concern to strengthen these organizations in larger interest is based on wrong hearsay, because that was not what was conveyed to the audience in the said JLF meeting,” it stated in a joint press release.
The release, however, appreciated the initiative of the NDPP in admitting the “unpalatable statement” made by the Leader of the State in the Joint Legislators meeting.
The NH & NMA also reminded that the JLF meeting was not a confidential one, as there were many others, including a non-Naga in the meeting, “and, therefore, there has been no breach of trust.”
According to the release, the non-Naga junior advocate was given the responsibility to speak on Art 370 and Art 371 A for a long time “which raises questions on the lack of trust by the State, on the professional knowledge of eminent Naga advocates and Judges, who would have been equally competent to speak on the same Constitutional provisions before the elected Naga legislators.”
Meanwhile the release reminded that the Naga Hoho was constituted as the apex body consisting of all Naga tribes that has been working for unity and fraternity among the Nagas, and despite efforts to destroy it, maintains its responsibilities and will continue to do so, till the next team takes over.
The Naga Mothers Association formation in 1984 was not based on tribe constituents but on voluntary membership of adult Naga women from different tribes and background. The NMA continues working with tribe women organizations affiliated to it and other women from different tribes, in protection of women’s rights, peace work and running the NMA Cradle Ridge Centre, Seithogei which is the only centre in the state, looking after HIV positive orphaned children of both sexes, for decades, the release said.
Stating that the NH and NMA remains committed to building peace and working for the larger interest of the Naga people, the release said the years of commitment and contributions of the Naga Hoho and the NMA is on record, and cannot be wiped away by vested interests or the State on vague reasons or defamatory allegations.
“The days ahead will reveal the true intentions of a State that professes peace and unity, but seeks its own glory,” it added.
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