NH asks Myanmar to cease military ops in Naga areas

NH asks Myanmar to cease  military ops in Naga areas

Dimapur, May 20: The Naga Hoho (NH) has expressed concern over the indiscriminate and unprovoked military operations carried out in Naga areas of Myanmar by the military junta. It also sounded alarm that the ongoing operations are being conducted in coordination with Indian security forces.
In a press release, NH called upon the joint military forces of both India and Myanmar to immediately cease the ongoing military action against the Nagas. At the same time, it reminded both the governments that history has demonstrated that Nagas are courageous and bold enough to stand firm even in the face of overwhelming adversity.
“It has also been time and again proved that the Naga issue could not be tackled militarily since it is a political issue,” it said while cautioning that such unbridled and indiscriminate military action has the potential to result in a widespread Naga uprising, a conflagration should be avoided.
The Naga Hoho mentioned that while attempts are going on in both Myanmar and India for an honorable settlement for the Nagas, the governments of both Myanmar and India have time and again exhibited actions not befitting their official policy and assurances. It reminded the Myanmar Government that in recent memory, the Nagas in the Naga Self Administered Zone have been subjected to untold suffering due to discriminatory policies of the state.
The Myanmar Government, at the behest of the military has imposed unwarranted and arbitrary sanctions, fund cuts and disruption of essential supplies. In 2016, the situation snowballed to a humanitarian crisis when scores of children died due to outbreak of measles. In March 2019, ten Naga leaders were arrested by the military junta in spite of the fact that they were on a mission to lay the groundwork for a peace process between the Nagas and the Myanmar Government. Since then, the ten Naga leaders are languishing in jail, it said, while condemning such arbitrary and treacherous act of the Myanmar government in its action towards the Nagas.
The NH stated that Nagas irrespective of border or factions will not be mute spectators when their rights are being so mindlessly trampled upon and will collectively do everything in their power to protect our land and the lives of our own blood.
The Naga Hoho further urged the United Nations and the Democratic Front of Myanmar to condemn this inhumane arm conflicts and call for a saner voice so that peace could be brokered with sensible dialogue and love for humanity.
NSF: The Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) has condemned the attack on NSCN (K) camp by the Tatmadaw in Konyak region of the Eastern Naga Area.
“This kind of military offensive by the Tatmadaw is a total violation and mockery to the ceasefire agreement of 2012 between the Govt. of Myanmar and the Nagas. Such war kind of situation only renders the innocent villagers and public at the receiving end and they are made to bear the brunt of the stand off,” said the NSF in a statement.
The federation also questioned the role of the Indian armed forces, saying the Tatmadaw operation is right under the eye of the Indian armed forces in the so called international boundary between India and Myanmar.
The NSF called upon the Tatmadaw and the NSCN (K) to immediately stop military confrontation and amicably solve the matter through dialogue in the interest of the people. It also appealed to the international community to condemned such act of war.
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