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NGOs shouldn’t poke their noses in Govt. functioning: CCCPO

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DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 13: As opposition to the shifting of Dimapur DC Office Headquarters to Chümoukedima resurfaces, the Chümoukedima Circle Chakhroma Public Organisation (CCCPO) has asserted that NGOs should always keep in mind that they are “Non Government Organisations, and have no business whatsoever” to poke their noses into the day-to-day functioning of Government.

In a press release issued on Monday, the Organisation expressed concern that “some vested interests are unreasonably determined” to oppose the shifting.
“It is most unfortunate that few persons should don grandiose nomenclatures, assume the mandate of the entire citizenry and threaten a democratically mandated Government with dire consequences if it, the Government, performs its duty. This is an outright illegality amounting to obstruction of Government officials to smoothly dispense their required services to the district and State. Such individuals/organisations should be booked as per provisions of the law.
“These unmandated, unregistered and hitherto-unknown organisations/leaders may like to ask themselves why or how they remained silent when Dimapur District was created in 1997 with clear mention of district HQs at Chümoukedima; or why they did not oppose acquiring of land at Chümoukedima for the purpose of constructing HQ facilities. Are they prepared to reimburse even a fraction of how much has been spent for this purpose to the Government?” read the press release.
Those opposing the move of the Government seem to be under the impression that shifting of the district HQs to Chümoukedima would benefit only a particular Naga community, it stated.

“But this fallacy shall be removed once they take the trouble of finding out how many tribes and population of these tribes of Nagaland permanently reside in Chümoukedima town. They would also do well to shed for once their frog-in-the-well mentality, look beyond their myopic tribalism and look ahead as to what would most benefit the entire district and State. The Government must consider the plight of people from far-flung villagers such as Phiphema, Tsiepama, Zhuikhu, Sukhovi, Niuland Sub-Division, etc., who find it difficult to commute to the present HQs located near Dillai Gate for their urgent works at the DC Office”, it added.
The Organisation asserted that the Government of the day must boldly implement what it has decided “rather than be bothered by every Tom, Dick and Harry”.
“After all, the Government has been mandated by the people to carry out what it thinks is best for the people, and not the other way round”, it stated.
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