Sunday, June 13, 2021
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NGBF urges negotiating parties to announce solution within 3 months


Dimapur, August 23: The Nagaland GB Federation today said that inordinate delay in the Indo-Naga peace talks has done more harm than good to all the stakeholders and urged the negotiating parties to announce honourable and acceptable solution within three months.
It further said whatever is agreed upon be translated into a practical and workable political mechanism.
In a memorandum to the Prime Minister of India, NGBF president, L Shahlem Konyak and general secretary, Shikuto Zalipu stated that as custodian of Naga customary laws and traditions and as representative and messengers of the people at grassroots level, the NGBF assured the Prime Minister that “we shall ensure our people maintain peace and public order as and when Indo-Naga political settlement is announced.”
The NGBF said they would cooperate during the implementation and transitional period together with the tribal bodies and from organizations of Nagaland. “We are prepared to welcome honourable, acceptable and peaceful political solution as cherished by our people for decades,” it said.
The memorandum, which is also appended by more than 20 GB associations, stated, “In your time, Mr Prime Minister, the coming generation Nagas must be given a change to fulfill their potential without denying their history, culture, identity and political right.”
The NGBF also acknowledged the current Indian leadership and believed that solution to Naga question would entrench the reputation of the Prime Minister as the most dynamic and committed leader in the democratic world.
“The NGBF is confident that your esteemed office will put commitment to practice now that WC, NNPGs and GoI Interlocutor on Indo-Naga peace talks, Shri R N Ravi have touched most of the crucial matters in the two years of negotiations,” the memorandum stated.
It also reminded that R N Ravi, who is also the Governor of Nagaland state, has assured the Naga people that settlement will be announced within three months. “This is the most opportune time for GOI and Nagas to resolve the conflict,” it added. (Page News Service)