Friday, October 30, 2020
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NGBF petition PM to sign political solution for Nagaland by Sept 2020

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‘Wants SC Jamir to bear witness to the agreement’

DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 1: The Nagaland GB Federation (NGBF) has appealed to the Prime Minister of India to sign political solution for Nagaland at the earliest by September 2020.
“It is our earnest request that the agreed position so far arrived between the Government of India and the WC NNPGs may be signed and implemented in Nagaland,” the NGBF said in a petition to the Prime Minister.
Recalling its earlier meeting with the PM on August 3, 2017, when Modi had conveyed the need to create a congenial environment in Nagaland for smooth implementation of political solution, the NGBF said it has made all the ground clear for the signing of the solution.
The NGBF also desired that the only member of the Naga Peoples Convention alive, SC Jamir be made witness to the agreement to give “sanctity to the new agreement” as the “present agreement will have an overriding effect of the 16 Point of Agreement”.
‘Framework Agreement’
In the petition, NGBF president Shahlem Konyak and general secretary Shikuto Zalipu maintained that in the Framework Agreement signed between the Government of India and the NSCN (IM) there is “not even a single point” that has any bearing on socio-political situations, public order or of any kind of security perception in the Naga inhabited areas or the states.
“Therefore, we are bound to believe that the Framework Agreement was to serve the internal purposes of NSCN IM rather than for the good of the Nagas or the people of the country,” it alleged.
Whereas ‘The Agreed Principles’ signed between GoI and WC NNPGs was rightly presented before the Naga civil society as the “preamble” for future accord, and which has been endorsed by the 14 tribal bodies of Nagaland and the Zeliangrong Baudi (Hoho), it said.
‘Physical Integration’
The NGBF also made it clear that without physical integration, there cannot be any compromise on the territorial and political integrity of Nagaland.
“Whatever form of agreement the Government of India would like to have with NSCN IM shall be confined to matters pertaining to the Naga inhabited areas outside the boundaries of Nagaland. We do not accept any cultural or political body whether it is constitutional or statutory or cultural in nature or any such authority interfering or superseding the legislative and administrative powers and authority of the Government of Nagaland,” it said.
‘Naga Hoho’
On Naga Hoho, the NGBF noted that no tribal body of Nagaland has any affiliation with the Naga Hoho. “Now that Zeliangrong Baudi also had endorsed the NNPGs, Naga Hoho and its frontal organizations remain only as the overground body of NSCN IM and the Government of India should not consider the opinion of these organizations on matters pertaining to Nagaland.”
‘RN Ravi’
The GBs also requested GoI to remain firm and not show any weakness in succumbing to the “pressure tactics” of Naga Hoho or NSCN IM to change the Interlocutor RN Ravi. “We understand that Shri RN Ravi has said in his capacity as the Governor has no bearing on any one or any matter falls in the ambit of subjects under the interlocutory. When the whole Nagaland is standing behind the Interlocutor, based on frivolous arguments, we hope the Government of India will not do injustice by removing Shri RN Ravi,” it said.
Expressing hope that the PM will take the matter forward and the political solution for Nagaland will be signed by September 2020, the NGBF said, “Let the upcoming generation remain grateful to your leadership in liberating Nagaland free from the armed conflicts and gun culture by imparting a free and fair environment for them to learn, earn and flourish in this democratic country of equal opportunity to all its citizens.”
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