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NFHRCC to inspect Doyang Bridge construction

Nagaland News

Dimapur, February 8: The NFHRCC will undertake a joint inspection on the progress of Doyang Bridge construction and to ascertain the latest status with the concerned department and contractor on February 10.
The committee requested all Dimapur based tribal hohos, any apex hohos and local CSOs to join the team. The team will meet at 11 am at the Doyang Bridge Construction Site at Governor’s Camp, Liphanyan.
Meanwhile the NFHRCC has acknowledged the generous contribution of Rs 40,000 towards the committee from Pastor Yanbemo LothaThe senior Associate Pastor of Lotha Baptist Church,Dimapur and his family made the contribution from the selling his two books ‘Emperical Evidence of COVID-19 challenge” and ‘Unveil the Truth’.
The NFHRCC also thanked Phangyu Phom, Minister for Health &FW for providing fooding and the venue expenses of Hotel Japfu during the joint interactive meeting of the 11 tribal apex hohos and elected MLAs on February 5 at Kohima. (Page News Service)