News portal files counter-complaint against Kapil Sharma for intimidation

News portal files counter-complaint against Kapil Sharma for intimidation

After Kapil Sharma filed a police complaint against an entertainment news portal on Saturday, the portal has retaliated with a complaint of its own. According to a report published in Spotboye, the portal has filed a complaint of ‘criminal intimidation, abuse and threat against the comedian’.
According to a report published on the same portal on Friday, Kapil called the editor of Spotboye, Vickey Lalwani, on phone and abused him for allegedly worsening his mental health by his negative reports on him. He threatened him with a police complaint and Vickey recorded the entire conversation and posted it on YouTube.
On Saturday, Kapil shared scanned copies of the complaint letter sent by his lawyer to the police. The complaint details all the alleged offences committed by Vickey and producers Preeti and Neeti Simoes. “Some people just want to defame you for few bucks but it will take ages to make a stand against the wrong.. I shall do it today n forever..,” he wrote in the Twitter post.
The subject of the letter read: “Threat to extort and harassment by news agency ‘Spotboye’-Mr Vicky on the insistence of ex managers Ms Neeti Simoes and Ms Preeti Simoes to cause mental and emotional suffering.”
All through Friday afternoon, Kapil was tweeting abusive, expletives-ridden messages for the media and the ‘system’. He said wished to be the prime minister so he could ‘hang all journalists spreading fake news,’ and defended Salman Khan after he was sentenced to five years in prison in the blackbuck poaching case. He later deleted the tweets, only to accept that he was indeed the one to write them, the next morning.