Thursday, June 17, 2021

New road between ITC DAN & Shinnyu village inaugurated

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Our Correspondent
Noklak, January 14: In what can be considered a historic day for the people of Khiamniungan and Konyak tribes, a new road between ITC DAN and Shinnyu village was inaugurated at Shinnyu village under Tobu area.

The inter-district connectivity between Mon to Noklak via Shinnyu and ITC DAN was inaugurated by H. Haying, Advisor, Prisons, Printing and Stationary, Government of Nagaland in the presence of N. BongkhaoKonyak, Advisor DUDA (Department of Under Developed Areas). The dedication was conducted by Nokho Konyak, Pastor, Yongkhao Baptist Church.
H Haiying in his speech underscored that this new road is a result of unity.
“If there is no cooperation and respect for each other amongst the two tribes, there will be no development,” he added.
Haying also appreciated the hard work of Yongkhao and Pangsha people for working tirelessly on the new road, and called the day “historic” for both the communities.
Speaking on the occasion, M Bongkhao Konyak expressed that what was only being spoken of has been turned into a reality with the help of DUDA. Further, he appreciated the hard work of the people and the contractor. Konyak also expressed his gratitude towards H. Haiying for his effort in making the road possible.
In another short speech, L Buming, Vice President, Khiamniungan Tribal Council mentioned that what other leaders could not accomplish had been accomplished under the leadership of H. Haiying and N Bongkhao with the inauguration of the new road.
Buming also appreciated the resilience of Tobu Area Students’ Union (TASU) and Khiamniungan Students’ Union (KSU) and making this years-long dream of road connectivity a reality.
A collective memorandum by the TASU and KSU was handed over to Konyak, Haiying and Er. Imti Chang (Executive Engineer, DUDA) by the TASU President, Sangti Nyeiwang, appealing realignment of the road from Jüpangyan, also known as Lupungan river to Shinnyu village which could be around 16 kilometres.
The first cut road connectivity between ITC DAN and Shinnyu village will be a vital connection between Mon and Noklakwhich will also cut short the distance to Assam. Marking the importance of the occasion, both communities called the road “a road of brotherhood, peace and unity”.
The program was chaired by B. Kossam, Assistant General Secretary, TASU. Er. Imti Chang gave a brief technical report. Vote of thanks was pronounced by Hatho, President, KSU.
Shinnyu local ground inaugurated
Simultaneously, a new local ground was inaugurated at Shinnyu on the day with the commencement of TASU Sports Meet 2021.
The ground was inaugurated by the Guest of Honour, H. Haiying in the presence of N. Bongkhao Konyak. The occasion was dedicated by Phonglei Konyak, Shinnyu Village Baptist Church.
Speaking on the event, Haiying underscored that Khiamniungans and Konyak will always share a bond of brotherhood and oneness. “Be hardworking and disciplined. Once disciple is lost, everything will be lost. You will be leaders one day so, be responsible and don’t miss opportunities” he encouraged. “We will continue to move ahead the way we’ve been coming together” he also added.

To commence the Sports Meet, oath taking was conducted by K. Shingyeang, Games and Sports Secretary, TASU. This was followed by a kick off by the Guest of Honour. He also released TASU’s Triennial Magazine (2018-2021).