New police recruits: NTUCT demands HM’s resignation

New police recruits: NTUCT demands HM’s resignation

Questions CM’s silence; wants fresh open recruitment

Dimapur, February 13: Alleging prevalence of rampant corruption in the State Police Department, particularly backdoor appointments of RC’s S.Is, the Naga Tribal Union Chumoukedima Town (NTUCT) today demanded the minister in-charge to immediately step down on moral ground owning full responsibility.
The NTUCT had earlier declared not to allow training of about 1200 new police recruits at PTS and NAPTC, Chumoukedima town, except the 208 candidates selected through an open recruitment rally conducted during November 15, 16 & 18, 2019. It had asked the concerned authority to satisfactorily justify as to when and where such large majority of the new recruits were selected through open recruitment rally.
In an emergency executive meeting held today at CPO Hall, Chumoukedima Town, the NTUCT also expressed amazement at the silence of the Chief Minister on the issue till today, and opined that his (CM) prolong silence speak volumes of “his weakness and incapability to control and discipline his cabinet.”
“The honourable Chief Minister being the leader of the house is also responsible for the mess prevailing in the government,” it stated.
A NTUCT press release said in the meeting, the union president called upon the house “whether they back out in their fight against such height of corruption and favoritism practiced by few politicians in power although we have sympathy for the innocent and helpless police officers who will be at last victimized for serving the interests of their masters.”
“The members vociferously shouted in unison that the present raucous in the police department should be brought to its legal and logical conclusion. Showing sympathy and mid-way solution by the NTUCT will amount to sharing of the same crime. Many leaders who shared utmost happiness and extend full support come what may to the officials of the NTUCT in their struggle for the cause of justice and equality in the Naga society at the right time,” the release informed.
Extending gratitude to all those who had conveyed their solidarity through mass and social media, the meeting resolved to extend full mandate to NTUCT officials to go ahead in pressing the concerned authority to cancel all the backdoor appointees at the earliest and call for fresh open recruitment where all aspiring candidates would get equal opportunity to try their luck. (Page News Service)

DNSU seeks clarification from PHQ on new recruits

Dimapur, February 13: The Dimapur Naga Students’ Union (DNSU) has sought clarification and justification from the Police Department on the proposed training of over a thousand new police recruits whereas only 206 posts were published vacant.
“How and where the extra 994 post was selected to undergo training where only 206 was published vacant. As per advertisement letter No. PHQ(B-1)1/Recruitment constables/2019 dated Kohima the 3rd of August 2019, 206 vacant post was published and on dated 9th December 2019 the final police recruitment examination result was out with 225 candidates declared qualified including waiting list in total,” it stated in a press release.
The union said it will not remain silent at a time when there is lack of job avenues and opportunities with thousands of educated Nagas being unemployed.
Asking the concerned department to clarify, the DNSU warned that it will go to any extreme till justice is served and open free and fair recruitment is held. (Page News Service)