Wednesday, April 21, 2021

New life from “place of the skull”

Things happen for a reason ~ often for several reasons ~ and nothing teaches this to us more that Nature. Human activities and interactions, as well as beliefs, forms of worships and festivals, etc., are also dictated by seasons, the many faces of Nature. Further, there is a season of death, which is followed by the season of resurrections and renewals. Because we are an integral component of Nature, we face deaths and resurrections in numerous ways but our human limitations narrow our perceptions and perspectives only to physical deaths and births. Thus we fail to see the larger scheme of Nature ~ particularly the necessity to let go, to shed and to die to be resurrected at an appropriate time, or season, in some manifestation or the other ~ thereby our failure to appreciate the cycle of life, which necessitates death as vital component of life. Isn’t this the why we believe that the Almighty decided and decreed that His only begotten Son must be crucified to underscore physical, or any form, of death is not the end ~ that resurrections and renewals cannot occur without deaths? The Almighty’s decision and decree that His only begotten Son must be crucified is not without reason(s), which is not unknown to anyone who subscribe to the Christian faith. We were (and are) dying with no hope of resurrection and renewal therefore someone had to die in our place ~ someone, who is Life itself hence someone from whom all life emanates. When an old tree becomes lifeless, it degenerates and disintegrates into the earth and enriches the soil ~ pretty much the same as the human being ~ but because we are the Almighty’s only creation with a soul, for which He had a purpose, it had to be salvaged. And, we had no hope of salvation for our souls ~ perhaps because we believe that what we cannot see does not exist and perhaps because the soul is not important for us? There were reasons why our non-temporal being and existence became inconsequential for us but not so for the Almighty. In all His wisdom, grace and mercy and because of is infinite love for the human race, the Almighty decided that sacrificing His only begotten Son is worth the price to save us. Hence Good Friday, marking the day Jesus was crucified at Golgotha, which in Aramaic means “place of the skull”. But this is not the end of the story ~ it is the beginning of the story. Because the Almighty is also a God of restorations, restitution, replenishment and regeneration, He creates the scope, the opportunity, for the human race to catch the life-line He gifts us to acknowledge our soul, in the form of Christ’s resurrection three days after His crucifixion. Hence we celebrate Easter Sunday, which signifies not only triumph over death but also of rebirth, regeneration, revitalization and renewal. Christ’s resurrection would then also mean the opening of the path towards our soul’s renaissance. All this is all the more significant because we celebrate Easter in the season of Nature’s rebirths and renewals underscoring how integral we are to Nature. The Almighty knew we could not have survived outside of nature. But this resurrection, rebirth, regeneration, revitalization, renewal and reawakening is only for those who believe that what we cannot see also exists ~ our soul and it’s salvation at the Cross of Christ. The Almighty has also gifted us with Free Will so the choice is ours. Christ’s resurrection totally gives another meaning to the phrase “you cannot have your cake and eat it too” ~ accentuating no one can travel on two different roads at the same time. As the Holy Week culminates with Good Friday today and Easter on Sunday, what they mean to us and how we observe and celebrate them should give us a clearer picture of how we view ourselves and our hopes ~ of life here on earth and hereafter ~ not on how good a Christian we are. That is for the Good Lord to decide ~ and His reasons would be weightier. But this Good Friday and Easter, let us pray that our reasons are acceptable to the Almighty because from the “place of the skull”, arose a new life.