Friday, September 17, 2021

New gate inaugurated at Jalukie town

Dimapur, December 21: Setting an example of community participation for the upliftment of the CHC at Jalukie Town various local organizations of Jalukie Town and individuals donated cash and materials and also hard labor in the construction of the gate and fence.
The doners are Women Organization, Traders Union, Jalukie Student Union, Jalukie Town Youth, Auto Union, Goanbura Union, Chairman Union, Jalukie Town Jubilee Fund, Indutries and Commerce Union, PHE Department, M/s Manipuri Steel Fabrication, Kingdom Steward, Pausuina Herie, Raju, Furish, Alung Meru, Kiengau BDO Jalukie, Shahi, Guljar Ahmed, CA Store, Ipuing Store, JK store, Masain Store, Lungkamlak, Sukumar, Bikas, Bidhan, Akung Chang, Mix collections and some unknown.
A short program for the occasion was held at CHC Jalukie on December 20 with Dr Denis Hangsing, CMO Peren as the Special Guest for the Opening of the New Gate in the presence of Program Officials and Staff of Medical Department, Jalukie town organizations and the Public. The programme included with the keynote address by Dr. Yetovi Tuccu, SMO CHC and short speech by Heilusing Iheilung , President Chairman Union, Atwa Meru, Convernor JTWWO, GB union Jalukie followed by Hauneu Hiekha on finance report .
Dr Denis exhorted the gathering expressing his appreciation to the community and the staff of CHC Jalukie for the hard labor and initiatives. The program concluded with a prayer by Mongzeung Mpom, Pastor, JTLBC. (Page News Service)