Friday, May 7, 2021

New Chumukedima ‘B’ Khel meet resolves

Dimapur, January 26: The New Chümukedima ‘B’ Khel sub committee held a meeting at the residence of T L Angami, the founder of ‘B’ Khel during which Neivo – o Sorünuo was ‘re – elected as the Assistant GB with immediate effect.
As per earlier resolution the landowner who had failed to renew their land holding certificate and failed to develop their allotted or purchased land, their certificate stood cancelled and no claims would be entertained with the old land holding certificate except those develop land.
The ‘B’ Khel authority or committee would not be held responsible for any land dispute arising with the old certificate, it said.
The meeting also restricted hunting or collecting of any forest product by any person or persons with immediate effect and said villagers would be be strictly dealt with as per the law.
It also restricted keeping of firearms by the tenants or labours except the land ownner for any purpose. All landowners have been requested to collect their firearms if so from their labour or tenants.
Persons failing to comply with this order would be liable for seizure of their arms which shall not be returned under any circumstances. Last date to surrender their firearms to the respective owner if any is fixed on February 15.
Rearing of domestic animals should be kept under proper care from destroying or damaging others farming. Further, rearing of goats is totally prohibited from the ‘B’ Khel jurisdiction. If any person is rearing goats they have been asked to find alternative place on or before February 15
Labour’s or farmers residing at the farm land have been directed to have proper coordination with the landowners and vice versa. Further, landowners have been requested to clear and develop their land on or before end of February 2019.
The meeting resolved that all sale of land and purchase should be done with the knowledge of the Khel authority/sub-committee from now on failing which the purchaser and seller would be doing at their own risk. Further, selling of land without the consent of the B Khel authority would stand cancelled with immediate effect while violators land would be confiscated without any further order.
All tenants and farmers registration would be necessitated for proper identification with immediate effect.
Meanwhile, the ‘B’ Khel New Chumukedima would have a general body meeting on February 9 at GPS New School building compound at 11 a.m. All tenants, farmers and landowners have been requested to attend the said meeting positively. (Page News Service)