Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Never supported CAB: NDPP


Dimapur, February 1: The ruling NDPP today claimed that that the NDPP and the PDA Government had “never supported the Citizenship Amendment Bill at any given point of time” but stand firm to protect the rights and privileges of the Naga people and Nagaland.
In a communiqué, the NDPP claimed that the PDA Cabinet right from the beginning has maintained that “we are protected by the provisions of Article 371A and have asked the union government to review the bill.”
Thereafter, on consequent occasions the Chief Minister had written to the Union Home Minister conveying the decision of the Cabinet and that the CAB will not be applicable to Nagaland, it claimed.
MP LS vote in Parliament
On the NPF allegation that MP Lok Sabha, Tokheho Yepthomi had voted for the CAB on January 8 and that he should withdraw his vote, the NDPP demanded that the NPF produce hard evidence and proof that the MP had voted on that day in Parliament.
“If not this can invite legal action for defamation which is nothing new for the opposition party and the party should tender a public apology for defaming the name of our lone representative to the Lower House of Parliament,” it said.
Questions NPF
The NDPP also claimed that the NPF claim that the provisions of Article 371A does not protect Nagaland from the CAB is an extremely dangerous statement, detrimental to the future of the Nagas.
Today, the NPF are shouting their voices out against the CAB but the PDA Government questions the opposition as to what were they doing when the draft of the Bill was prepared in 2016 when the NPF were heading the Government led by the present Leader of Opposition TR Zeliang as the Chief Minister, it asked.
On the statement of the Leader of the Opposition at the NE regional parties meeting in Guwahati on January 28 that “Article 371A does not cover everything”, the NDPP asked. “Has he been elected to demean and belittle the provisions of Article 371A or have the people elected him to safeguard our rights and privileges which are enshrined under Article 371A of the Constitution of India?”
Disappointed at SC Jamir
On the statement made by former Chief Minister and Governor, Dr SC Jamir, as exclusively reported in Nagaland Page, the NDPP said his comment as the lone surviving signatory to the 16 point agreement came as a surprise to the NDPP “since it was expected that a person of his calibre, an octogenarian politician, a person who has seen the state emerge under the union of India because of the 16 point agreement, the basis on which Article 371 has evolved, would expound and defend Article 371A instead of stating that “it is wrong to say Article 371A and ILP protects us from CAB”.
“It is indeed very disappointing that a person who was and is a part of the history of Nagaland decides to start questioning the provisions of Article 371A which is the outcome of the 16-point agreement between the GoI and the Naga people and of which he is a signatory to,” it said.
No right to criticize
On the NPCC statement of the State Congress party on various issues, the NDPP said the NPCC has “no right to be criticising a popularly elected government” when it could not “even get one elected representative into the NLA.”
“The NDPP and PDA once again reiterate and reaffirm our commitment to stand with the people of Nagaland and continue to strive towards safeguarding and protecting the rights and privileges of all Nagas by defending all provisions of Article 371A and work towards strengthening our existing laws in order to further protect our future,” it added. (Page News Service)