Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Never had intention to delay Naga political solution: Naga Hoho

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Dimapur, September 4: The Naga Hoho today said that at no point of time, it has changed its position in questioning the integrity and seriousness of R N Ravi, who is an Interlocutor for the Indo-Naga peace talks representing the Government of India.
In an “Open Statement” the Naga Hoho said it is not questioning any individuals or organization’s expressed views but only questioning the Interlocutor as to why he should term the Naga national workers as Underground and Armed Gang with whom he is holding peace talks for such long years.
It said Naga Hoho’s intention was never to delay the Naga Political Solution but “it is our solemn prayer to bring Indo-Naga political settlement at the earliest possible time.”
The Naga Hoho further said it is disturbed by the Nagaland Gaon Bura Federation’s (NGBF) letter to Prime Minister of India seeking solution within the union of India.
“What is more shocking is that GB’s failed to realise that, the Naga political struggle for the last more than seven decades is not just for the state of Nagaland but is inclusive of all Naga areas,” the NH said and acknowledged RN Ravi who had categorically stated that, Naga problem is not confined to Nagaland state, but it covers all Naga inhabited areas.
Stating that NGBF is a government agent established to assist the district administration, the Hoho alleged that the NGBF platform was misused by some people to meet their interest.
“We remonstrate that Gaon Buras are never a custodian of Naga customary laws rather they are accountable to every Village Council and the state government and punishable under the provision of law in the event of GB’s failure to abide by the directives of state government,” the Hoho added.
The Naga Hoho further said there is no doubt that tribes from Nagaland state have been dissociated from Naga Hoho for different reasons in different times, yet then nobody can claim that there is no legality or existence of Naga Hoho just because there is no representatives from Nagaland state.
It has been functioning with the majority units and representatives from Manipur, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Myanmar and even support from people of Nagaland, the Hoho claimed. (Full text) Page News Service)