Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Never approached any NPF MLA: NDPP


Dimapur, January 6: The ruling Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) has rubbished opposition NPF allegation of trying to “poach NPF MLAs”, terming the allegation as nothing by a public display of insecurity of the opposition party and the lack of confidence they have on their own elected representatives.
“The NDPP has never approached any of the opposition MLAs to join its fold but rather, it is an open secret that there is a high level of frustration and restlessness amongst the NPF MLAs for having had to sit as opposition members for the last almost one year,” claimed the NDPP in a communiqué.
Asking the opposition party to concentrate on keeping its flock together rather than raise false allegations against the ruling Government, the NDPP said, “The very fact that the NPF has resorted to such allegations in the public domain once again only proves that the NPF party knows only how to use threat and intimidation to keep its party rank and file including its elected members in order.”
On NPF appeal to the PDA Government to “instill confidence and security in the minds of the people”, the NDPP said it is still fresh in the memories of the people of the State as to what kind of governance the NPF provided in the last four years of the DAN-III Government with tumultuous intra-party political upheavals which the State has never experienced in the last 55 years that “invariably denied the people of the State their rights”.
It also reminded that under the NPF Government, Nagaland witnessed the severest of public outrage over the ULB elections leading to the loss of two promising young lives thus undermining their own motto “Fide Non Armis” (By Faith, Not Arms) “because the leaders of the then government could not keep their commitment to the wishes of the people.’
Regarding the claims of the opposition on the ongoing road projects in the State, the NDPP said it highlights the “selfish attitude of the NPF as it is a public admittance that they as a party are only for the accolades and not for the welfare of the people.”
The NDPP claimed that it has time and again stated that any development for the State is for the people of the State regardless of which party was at the helm of affairs at that point of time.
“The NDPP once again reiterate that our commitment is to work towards fulfilling the needs and wants of the people of Nagaland and will not indulge in petty selfish political dramatics. The opposition also may be reminded that though the PDA government is still trying to overcome the huge burden of financial liabilities left by the previous NPF led DAN-III government; the PDA government at the same time is also trying to provide necessary development to cater to the welfare of the people.”
On the allegations of Leader of Opposition (LoP) on funds related to the RD Department, the NDPP said what the LoP stated was only his imagination and holds no truth. The PDA assured the people of Nagaland, especially the rural population and the farmers that the present Government will take every possible step to ensure that every citizen of the State will get that is rightfully due.
“No funds have been misused under any circumstances and the allegation of the LoP lacks factual authenticity nor any truth. It is completely politically motivated. We assure the people that we will not run the affairs of the State like it prevailed during the previous governments under the NPF regime where corruption was the order of the day. We have promised change and everybody can see that positive change is starting to take shape in Nagaland with the active cooperation and contribution from the citizens and the masses,” it said.
The statement again reiterated the party’s commitment of development of the State, the welfare of the people and good governance through accountability, transparency and sustainability.
Meanwhile the NDPP president and rank and file conveyed everyone a very happy, prosperous and blessed 2019 and further look forward towards building a new Nagaland with the support of all citizens. (Page News Service)