Nepotism itself is not a problem, defending it is, says Vicky Kaushal


Bollywood and nepotism can be said to go back a long way. Industry insiders have regularly voiced their opinion on the same, but Vicky Kaushal, who agrees that nepotism in the entertainment industry is rampant, says that denying it is the real evil.
“That nepotism exists can’t be denied. And I think its existence is also not a problem. Problem is when we defend it. One should be grateful and gracious enough to accept it. If you have someone in your family to guide you, that’s a good thing. But then, taking the advantage for granted is the problem,” says Vicky, son of action director Sham Kaushal, known for his work on films such as Black Friday (2004), Slumdog Millionaire (2008), Kaminey (2009), and PK (2014).
About the guidance he received from his father, the actor says, “He told me a few things regarding what to expect and how to go about certain things. But at the end of the day, he also told me that we all have our individual journeys. He was very particular that I will have to create my own path. Nobody will give you a film because your father or mother is so and so. I am not taking whatever advantage I have, for granted. I have my own struggles.”
Meanwhile, Vicky’s film Raazi has joined the coveted 100 crore club and it being his first film to reach the mark, the actor is soaking in every bit of the success. “The unanimous positive response that the film received from fans and critics is a very special feeling. Being a part of a 100 crore film is a beautiful feeling,” he says, before adding that he realises that it also brings along a lot of expectations.
“But expectations are always good for an artist. It means people care for your work and look out for what you bring next. My constant quest in life is to be a better version of my own self with each passing day and live the present with complete honesty,” he adds.