Saturday, July 31, 2021

NEN observes 16 days global activism protesting violence against women and girls campaign

Dimapur, December 10: On International Human Rights Day, and the concluding day of the 16 days Activism Protesting Violence against Women and Girls Campaign (25Nov- 10 Dec), 80 youth and women rights advocates from Chizami, Enhulumi, Chizami Town, Pfutsero, Razeba convened at NEN Resource Centre Chizami for a Choral evening.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Wetshelo T Mero, Senior Specialist at District Hospital Phek called on the urgent need to empower men and boys in understanding gender equality if we aim to bring about a social change.
He emphasized on the need to change our stereotypical mindset and attitude toward women and girls, and only then, change within communities and society at large will be possible. He further called on the men to respect women’s voice and decision, and to share equal work in child care and household work.
Gender equality, he asserted is a “win-win situation for both men and women, and not men will not lose”.
Seno Tsuhah, NEN in her address called on the youth to play a role in realizing gender equality. She spoke on the impacts of toxic masculinity on both men and women, and called on the youth to ‘break the myth of being aggressive and violent to be a man’.
Chairperson of Enhulumi Women Society, Neikhropeu shared ‘in the past, women were considered property of men but today situation has changed and women enjoy better status as an equal’.
Despite the progress made, women are struggling even today due to their historical discrimination, and this is seen in their lack of confidence and low self-esteem and the fear to take challenging roles in the community, she said adding two gender issues that are of priority and needs to be addressed are, representation and participation in the Village Council, and Equal wages for men and women.
Earlier on December 7 at Kohima, NEN organized an experience sharing and consultative workshop on ‘Single Women – an intersectional identity’ that brought together representatives from grassroots women organizations, NGOs and State Resource Centre for Women (SRCW). At this gathering, findings from the research report titled ‘challenges and issues of single women’ conducted by 3 women organizations namely Ruzazho Women Society, Therutsuswu Women Society from Phek district and Yimchungberu Arihako Shamator Town, and supported by NEN Nagaland was shared.
A number of issues concerning legal and customary rights, livelihoods, violence and State obligation were brought out. At this event, women shared testimonies of violence and discrimination because of their ‘Single’ identity.
On November 30 at Dimapur, NEN with SEWA (Self Employed Women Association), Abigail Hostel and Love Care Home organized a ‘Solidarity Gathering’ where women street vendors, home based workers, students and representatives from NGOs and women organizations participated. It was an evening of sharing testimonies of women who have experienced and witnessed violence in their workplace and private sphere.
NEN annually observes the 16 days global activism protesting violence against women and girls campaign, by organizing events to raise awareness and support on the issue of gender based violence.
(Page News Service)