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NEISSR’s 5th Graduation Ceremony held

5th Graduation Day NEISSR

DIMAPUR, DECEMBER 8: North East Institute of Social Science and Research (NEISSR) held its 5th Graduation ceremony on December 8 in the presence of special guest Apok Jamir, former Member of Parliament, Chairman Most Rev Dr. James Thoppil, Bishop of Kohima Diocese and Thomas Kikon, Acting President, Naga Council, Dimapur.

During the ceremony, 48 students, who graduated in MSW with flying colours and Sunglung Y Phom, who got the best student award, were felicitated.
Speaking on the occasion as Special Guest, Apok Jamir, former MP and MLA, Nagaland, said that if the students work hard, it will be inculcated to transform society in the direction they want.
He said that the education literacy rate in Nagaland, as per the 2011 Census is 79.5%, which is a good rate for a state like ours. He said it is our responsibility to bring social changes in us and in our society.
He said that the current pandemic does not recognize tribe, caste, or greed, it does not discriminate between anyone, COVID-19 has brought people together and made us realize the importance of togetherness within ourselves and for prosperity in life. Likewise, we should not discriminate anyone and try to usher in changes in our society.
He said, “The pandemic has shown us to go back to our roots and get closer with God, because without God, our life is immaterial. It has also bought transformation in the field of education by imparting knowledge following new norms.”
He also said that our society is in good hands in the coming days as the present students and upcoming students will save the people and our society. With the proper education being provided, students have the ability to make a healthy and progressive society which will be admired and talked about by other States and countries. They will make a brighter Nagaland and brighter society, he added.
Dr. Fr. CP Anto, Principal, NEISSR welcomed the Special Guest, Chairman, Governing Member, fathers of the institution, along with all other attendees who came together to celebrate the Graduation Ceremony. He mentioned that it was the first time NGOs and Organizations helped them in work placements for the students.
He said that MSW college mission was not to duplicate other MSW colleges but to create a peaceful society and bring a change to society.
He also mentioned that they strive for a clean purpose, to understand the needs of the State and region to foster and maintain peace with peace-building strategies and skills. He said that 3 students came forth to start a Peace Channel in Longleng with clear strategies. He ended his welcome speech by congratulating the students and conveyed his best wishes to them to accomplish their goals in life.
On the occasion of the ceremony, a Power Point presentation showed the activities and tasks the students carried out as part of their educational activity.
Chairman Most Rev. Dr. James Thoppil, Bishop of Kohima Diocese, congratulated the students for their successful graduation. He said that the students dream to graduate with a degree from MSW had come true. He said that it was their desire for Nagaland to provide job oriented professions for a prosperous life.
He said that the MSW College aims to provide opportunities to the youths, for those struggling to go outside Nagaland for more quality education. He thanked the Government of Nagaland and for acknowledging and granting permission to establish the MSW College. He wished that his students would excel in knowledge and continue to do what they have learnt in the institution toward humans and society.
He said that acknowledging this practice would bring changes to Naga society.
E. Thomas Kikon, Acting President, Naga Council, Dimapur and Governing Board Member, NEISSR, in his speech, congratulated the students on their graduation. He advised the students to practice what they love and said that it is a matter of commitment and sacrifice.
He advised the students to become an employer rather than an employee to turn the table around which will be a great achievement if constant effort is given to achieve it. With the knowledge provided by the institutions, he urged the students to be passionate in their work.

Message from the graduating students was addressed by Angam Phom, who thanked the institution family for teaching and nurturing the students. He thanked the teachers for their continuous support and his mates for working together in achieving their goals together.
Delivering the vote of thanks, Fr. John Lathsutho Pojji, Vice-Principal, NEISSR, thanked all the attendees for their contribution towards the programme, after which the NEISSR anthem was sung.
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