NEISSR launches Clean Election campaign


Dimapur, April 7: The North East Institute of Social Sciences and Research (NEISSR) in collaboration with Peace Channel launched Clean Election campaign on the theme “We pledge for Clean Election in Nagaland and India” at NEISSR conference hall, Dimapur on April 5.
During the programme, the students Porhosie, K.K.Among, Angam and Nyanpong B shared their experiences, the corrupt practices by the candidates, party campaigners, and the people at large during the election and they also shared the negative impacts of it on individuals, families, communities, future developments and culture of the society and nation.
Critically analyzing the power of the youth in the state and the nation they said we need to stand firm on our rights to vote and choose the right and clean candidate who will stand for the welfare and development of our people.
After the discussion and the far-reaching negative impacts of such wrong practices all the students and faculty members of NEISSR and Peace Channel decided to stand for free and fair election by saying no to proxy vote and no to money. They also took a pledge as the trainees of professional social work students to say no to proxy voting, say no to money, I vote for myself, I value my vote and promote the same in all forms social media to inspire others to do the same.
A post-election study carried out by a Kohima-based organization called Youth Net reveled that candidates spent Rs. 937.82 crore in the 2013 Assembly elections, almost double the amount spent in 2008.
However, today the youth of the state has been able to understand the importance and value of their vote. Speaking at the launching programme, Dr. Fr. C.P.Anto, the principal of NEISSR, appreciated the initiative of the social work trainees and stated that as per the 2011 census, 50% of youth is below 25 years and 65% is below 35 years and therefore youth play an important role in making positive change in the society.
He exhorted the youth to initiate change in the communities, state as well the country by recommitting themselves to be the change makers. He also said that through this campaign, citizens will be educated on their rights and duties and they will vote right and clean candidates who will eliminate fear, division, corruption, poor governance and social instability in the state.
He also stated, that the active involvement of Churches, civil society, social media and tribal organizations too have played a vital role in creating awareness and making self and community decisions to stand for clean election.
He appreciated the initiative of the NBCC initiating the campaign and bringing awakening in the life of youth and faithful in Nagaland. The programme ended with the launching of a CLEAN Election Campaign Facebook Page was created by NEISSR & Peace Channel, followed by a Pledge for Clean election by the participants.
(Page News Service)