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NEISSR discusses NEP 2020

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 28: The North-East Institute of Social Sciences and Research (NEISSR) organized a seminar-cum-workshop on National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 under the patronage of Higher Education Department, government of Nagaland, on February 27 at NEISSR conference hall.

The programme was designed based on the theme: “Doing together; learning together” while being sensitive to SDG-12 Goal: Responsible Consumption and Production in all the logistic arrangements, stated a press release from the organizers on Saturday.
The keynote address was conveyed by Rev. Dr. Fr. CP Anto Paul, Principal NEISSR. He welcomed the new National Education Policy and said it was long overdue.
He critically dwelled on the objectives of the NEP as the filling of various gaps between the national and international level of education system.
The principal highlighted few positive cruxes of NEP, in particular enhancement and development of students holistically for critical thinking; autonomy for innovative curriculums to colleges and universities; value based education and project based learning; fostering research; reformed assessment patterns; adoption of government schools by private sectors; promotion unique identity of each institute.
The guest speaker Aching Susana, freelancer (media and management) threw light on the background of the education policy. The key features of NEP 2020 expounded were the three-language formula; 360 degree multidimensional report; structure and length of undergraduate programmes with inclusion of research; introduction of academy bank of credit; regulatory framework- NHERC & NAC.
She also highlighted some of the challenges like the government’s reliability, lack of infrastructure and financial burdens for implementation of the policy.
For holistic human development and sustainable peace from the perspectives of youth and community development, and peace building a panel discussion anchored by Vitono Gugu Haralu, trainer and consultant, Peace Channel accompanied by the faculty of NEISSR.

Dr. Toli H Kiba, Dr. Amit Das and Dr. Deben Bachaspatimayum Sharma shared their insights on the NEP 2020, focusing on enhancement of the education system, knowledge economy and objective based education. The panellists shared their perspective on the inclusion of social work in the higher education system and recognition of social work profession. They also shared that education and politics should never go hand in hand.
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