Wednesday, January 20, 2021
North East

NEHU teachers’ body loses annual grant for 2 years due to boycott of convocation in 2018

Shillong, September 15: University has withheld the annual grant of its teachers association (NEHUTA) for boycotting the 2018 convocation which has “deeply hurt” the image of the premier institution, a statement issued by the central varsity said.
The NEHU Acts and Statutes also provide for de- recognition of an association if it acts in any manner which may bring down the image of the university, NEHU spokesperson G Umdor said in the statement here on Monday.
“The North-Eastern Hill University Teachers’ Association (NEHUTA)s annual grant (2018-19 and 2019-20) was withheld because the teachers body had given a call to boycott the 25th Convocation held on November 28, 2018 wherein the governor and chief minister were the chief guest and guest of honour respectively and the convocation ceremony was meant for our graduating students,” the statement said.
NEHUTA has not submitted the list of members who had given the boycott call, despite several reminders by the university authorities, it said.
The members of the teachers’ association had also violated the convocation procedure as Academic Council members are required to be present and walk in procession during the programme, the statement said.
NEHUTA being an Employees Association, established under Statute 44 of the NEHU Acts and Statutes, has violated Statute 44 (3) of the university, by giving the convocation boycott call, Umdor said in the statement.
The NEHUTA had in 2018 boycotted the convocation in protest against the university’s failure to hold court meetings since 2015 in violation of statutes and practices of NEHU, a member of the teachers’ body said.
According to the North-Eastern Hill University Act, 1973, court meetings are to be held for approval of annual accounts, budget and annual audit reports which have be submitted to Parliament, he said.
The university said that NEHUTA activities have deeply hurt the image of a premier institution like NEHU and violated NEHU Statute 44(3) that states that “No association shall act in any manner which may bring down the image of the university and which may be detrimental to the achievements of the objectives of the university laid down under the NEHU Act. (PTI)