Thursday, July 29, 2021
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NEFIP to resume mass agitation against CAB from today


Dimapur, November 17: The federating State organizations of North East Forum for Indigenous People (NEFIP) have resolved to resume mass agitation against Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 (CAB) and also the authoritative attitude of the Government of India from November 18 onwards.
In a statement, NEFIP president Ningthouja Lancha said to organize and design the mode of agitation, it has been agreed that the federating State organizations should own the initiative according to the local situation and ground realities.
The forum also resolved to bring an understanding among different likeminded social organizations to oppose the Bill collectively, while also request all MPs and members of the respective State legislative assemblies of the NE Region to oppose the Bill.
NEFIP said since the introduction and passing of CAB on 8th January, 2019 it had been incessantly opposing the Bill which challenges the very existence of the indigenous people of NE.
The forum informed that on 9th August, 2019 a memorandum addressed to the Prime Minister was submitted through the Head of the States followed by another submission of the same to the Chief Ministers of the region on 3rd October 2019, appraising the possible devastative effects CAB may cause, if enacted, to the entire NE region.
“In spite of giving any heed to our incessant protests and prayer in the form of memorandum, the same Bill is going to be introduced in the forthcoming Winter Session of the Parliament 2019 undermining the aspirations and legitimate rights of the Indigenes of the region,” it stated.
NEFIP maintained that to recognize such illegal immigrants as ‘natural persons’ who can acquire Indian citizenship on the basis religious identity runs antithetical to the Constitution. It was of the opinion that the eligibility criterion to grant citizenship to illegal migrants besides being unreasonable and unlawful is genocidal for the indigenes of the entire NE region.
“Giving shelter and providing citizenship to the so called religiously prosecuted migrants who are in fact economic labours shall adversely prosecute the indigenous population of the entire North East region. Hence, NEFIP is affirmed of the fact that accepting the legalization of CAB and submitting to the Genocidal Act is suicidal and will lead to total extinction of the indigenous population of the entire North East,” it said.
The forum appealed to the people of the North East to study, support and struggle for the cause. (Page News Service)