Thursday, August 5, 2021
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NEFIP reiterates opposition to CAB


Dimapur, May 1: The North East Forum for Indigenous People (NEFIP) has again resolved to oppose the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) tooth and nail.
In a meeting held on April 30 at Shillong, the NEFIP said it will not stop opposing CAB till the Government of India decides to stop pursuing to implement it.
“In case GoI implement the Bill against our wishes, then we will be compelled to determine our own future collectively,” it warned.
The meeting also resolved to collectively address the issue of illegal immigrants in all Northeast states, while also reaffirming the support of NEFIP to all organizations in all states in the region demanding implementation of ILP, NRC and other influx related regulations and laws in their respective states. It also decided to consult all like minded social organizations in the region in order to achieve their objectives.
The NEFIP also decided to support the implementation of UNDRIP in all the NE states and to hold seminar on UNDRIP on August 9, which is World Indigenous Day.
The meet also condemned the April 26 incident at Kohinoor Market in Khowai, Tripura, where a young school Twiprasa girl was molested by a migrant.
The meeting further resolved to constitute a permanent body of NEFIP.
(Page News Service)