Sunday, October 1, 2023

Need to take note of serious setbacks in assembly polls, draw lessons: Sonia Gandhi

sonia gandhi

New Delhi, May 10: Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Monday said the party has to take note of its serious setbacks in assembly polls, and face the reality to draw the right lessons.
Addressing a crucial meeting of the Congress Working Committee (CWC), Gandhi said she intends to set up a small group to look at every aspect that caused such reverses.

The meeting of the top Congress body has been convened to deliberate and introspect on the party’s poor performance in the just-concluded assembly elections.
The Congress fared poorly, drawing a blank in West Bengal and failing to win back power in Kerala and Assam, besides losing Puducherry. The party only came to power with the help of its ally DMK in Tamil Nadu.
“We have to take note of our serious setbacks. To say that we are deeply disappointed is to make an understatement. I intend to set up a small group to look at every aspect that caused such reverses and report back very quickly,” she told the meeting in her inaugural address.
Gandhi said the party needs to candidly understand “why in Kerala and Assam we failed to dislodge the incumbent governments, and why in West Bengal we drew a complete blank”.
“These will yield uncomfortable lessons, but if we do not face up to the reality, if we do not look the facts in the face, we will not draw the right lessons,” she noted.
Gandhi also said that the schedule to elect the new Congress president would also be discussed at the meeting.
She also hit out at the Modi government over the handling of the pandemic situation.

“The situation has become even more catastrophic. Governance failures have become even more stark. Scientific advice has been willfully ignored and the country is paying a horrendous price for the Modi government’s neglect of the pandemic, indeed its willful patronage of super-spreader events that were allowed for partisan gains,” she said. (PTI)