Friday, July 19, 2024

Need reform

Education in simple and easy terms has been defined as preparing an individual intellectually and morally for a matured life. Education is one of the fundamental necessities for an individual to be an unequivocal human in the real sense. Unfortunately in our pretentious society the definition has been messed up to such an extent that everyone gets confused. Education in today’s world is nothing less than a perky grand prix race; where students (and their parents) want to be the number one by hook or by crook! This race has apparently left innumerable scars and blots on our society in general and education system in particular. No doubt competing for the best is not a waste of time but introducing the same cut throat competition at elementary education level or call it school level is simply ridiculous! To begin with, even at the family level parents want one child to score better than the other or want their child to perform better than the child of their friends, neighbors or relatives. They leave no stone unturned and provide their child with best educational facilities in addition to other luxuries. All they want their child is to be a doctor, engineer, business tycoon – anything full of dignity and respect. Parents want their child to achieve all that they couldn’t do in their own life. Right from early child hood, routine day of a student includes vigorous pressure for studies and scoring well in examination. The ultimate test for the poor child is the time of examination, if he somehow manages to crack it he is praised by everyone and if by chance he fails to do so – scolding, admonishment or even beating is the only consequence. No doubt parents don’t want their child to do well in life for their (parents) personal benefits; as they surely are going to get nothing out of it, they just want their child to achieve the pinnacle of success but pressurizing and mentally torturing is not the only way out. The immediate reaction and approach of parents towards child on his failure or for that matter poor performance needs to be an affirmative and optimistic one rather than a depressing and pessimistic one. The best way is to make out the talent’s and capabilities of a child instead of forcing “laws of motion” or “basics of trigonometry” into his budding mind which at the end of the day proves futile and all in vain. Accepting and overcoming the obstacles of weak performance or failure is the most serious concern and problem amongst students these days. They are so engrossed and engaged in the race for the best that even a faint smell of defeat makes them depressed and disheartened. All this ultimately leads to a state of frustration and mortification where a person starts losing trust of everyone around him, because for him the world means nothing now. Humiliated in front of his own feelings, emotions and conscience, remorseful and ashamed of facing the society he completely loses his will to survive and desperately wants to end this murky affair. But this is not something where the buck really stops or something we should really appreciate! It is indubitably a matter of shame for all of us and something we all need to ponder with due attention. Such steps are regarded immoral as well as are against all faiths and religions. Such dismal actions shouldn’t at any point be advocated or accepted but instead should be condemned and discouraged categorically and outrightly! The only solution to end this dilemma is bringing down the cut-throat competition level of education to some extent without affecting the standard and level of education. Educational reforms are the need of the hour. From teaching system to evaluation method, everything is démodé and outdated! Apart from these the best way of curbing this growing menace is proper counseling and awareness. Unless we openly discuss and debate the causes and ways to curb this problem this dreadful nuisance will continue to proliferate in an awkward manner. It is high time for all of us to join hands and work for shaping our society rather than deforming and mutilating it.