Monday, December 4, 2023

Need reform

There is an urgent need to rethink the educational system in place in our state. Sure some are happy with the prevailing situation, but there are many who are concerned with the continuous downfall of the system. Educational write-ups are now a regular feature of this paper but the question “where we fail” remains unanswered. There is a saying that all the knowledge in the world is inherent in every child that takes birth on this earth; then why are we lagging behind in educational field. What does our current education provide us? We remain blank while trying to find the answers to such questions. The consequences are clear, the increasing illiteracy. According to reports, the dropout percentage has increased despite the lucrative schemes like mid-day meal. Allegedly this scheme is serving the in-charge teachers than students. Illiteracy is beginning to have its effect on the society. Obviously there is little contribution of this section towards innovation or the development of the state and that is a serious matter because they form the major chunk of our population. Their scanty caring attitude has aggravated the situation. Remember one’s educational system is the index of the ethics, etiquettes, morality and culture. Thus there is urgency to reform the present educational set up so as to save our people from extinction. It is a fact that the true nature of a man is reflected in the way in which he behaves in different situation. We must realize that an individual’s character can be moulded like anything; parents, teachers, society etc. are responsible for the development of a child as a useful human being. We may take the cue from ancient education system which provided the students the courage to fight against non-righteousness, mentality to serve fellow beings and moreover the ability to see everyone alike. Our new system should be based on right education, infusing hope and promise and bringing them in the mainstream to shoulder responsibility and contribute in nation building. But before this we must find the cause for this deteriorating situation. It is a hard reality that many schools are non-functional, many have repulsive ambience where children refrain from going. Not that the children are averse or the parents are not willing for their children pursuing studies, the conditions are so pathetic and repulsive that a child likes to run away from school rather than be punished in such surroundings. The plight of teachers remains worse. Generally speaking, the total education system of our state is in shambles. Our public schools lack basic facilities, have outdated curriculum and suffer from crumbling infrastructure. In many schools there are no proper buildings, in some there are no teachers, in others there many teachers but no students while non utilization of teaching learning material in absence of proper monitoring besides no furniture and seating arrangement are some which adds to the problem further. It is the right time to ponder about the education we are trying to impart in young minds. Why we are sticking to educational system of those who have failed to set any standard in any field? It is the bitter truth that we have failed miserably to produce educationists of repute. We must rise to the occasion to restart from the primary education system from scratch. The first and foremost task will be to create an environment for basic education. Let us start from the system which stresses on value based education. Let us also strive to ease the burden of students, as today our kids are overburdened both in terms of quantity and quality. At the same time, let us freeze up-gradation of new schools at least for some years and rather develop the already existing schools. Indeed we have wasted many decades and crores of rupees spent so far on education only because of our non seriousness and lethargic approach. The education system calls for a serious review and needs to be completely overhauled. We have no time to waste. Let us stress on need-based education rather than the system that has failed over many decades now.